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Hogwarts Legacy gameplay showcase What you probably missed - Cover Picture

Hogwarts Legacy gameplay showcase: What you probably missed

In less than three months, one of the most anticipated releases in 2023 is coming to all major gaming consoles. To get gamers excited,...

Hogwarts Legacy: Gameplay showcase – What’s new?

The recent Hogwarts Legacy gameplay showcase dove deeper into the different mechanics included in the game. Viewers saw more about combat, character creation, and...
Hogwarts Legacy Are there any returning familiar characters - Cover Picture

Hogwarts Legacy: Are there any returning familiar characters?

Over the years, the Harry Potter Universe has introduced to us plenty of characters we've grown to either love or hate. Now that Hogwarts...
Hogwarts Legacy All confirmed potions and how to brew them - Cover Picture

Hogwarts Legacy: All confirmed potions and how to brew them

With only a few months away before it releases across all major consoles, information about Hogwarts Legacy is slowly but surely being delivered to...
Hogwarts Legacy monsters and creatures list; what we know so far

Hogwarts Legacy monsters and creatures List; What we know so far

Before we continue our article about the Hogwarts Legacy, we extend our condolences to the loved ones of Hogwarts, and Harry Potter's Rubeus Hagrid,...

Hogwarts Legacy: How to choose a House now? + Latest News

Hey, players! Are you up for the latest news about Hogwarts Legacy? Ready or note, you should read through here to know more information...
Hogwarts Legacy System Requirements + can my PC run it - Cover

Hogwarts Legacy: System Requirements + can my PC run it?

Hogwarts Legacy is building up to be one of the highly anticipated releases of 2023. However, there's the usual question of whether or not...
Hogwarts Legacy - Exclusive Quest for PlayStation - Cover

Hogwarts Legacy: Exclusive Quest for PlayStation – Felix Felicis Potion Recipe

Players who get Hogwarts Legacy on PlayStation consoles are in for a treat as they will get their very own exclusive quest. Unlike on...
Hogwarts Legacy - Collector's Edition content revealed - Is it worth buying - Cover

Hogwarts Legacy: Collector’s Edition content revealed; Is it worth buying?

Lots of exciting news was announced at the Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022. One of these is an update on where we are at...

Hogwarts Legacy’s latest trailer Breakdown; Who is Slytherin’s Sebastian Sallow?

Heads up to all Potterheads out there, Hogwarts Legacy just recently released a trailer. The trailer gave us a glimpse into the unforgivable curses...