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Apparently the One Piece Manga Ending Leak was only a speculation: Full Story

The recent surge of Anime fandom has seen the rise of restless turmoils and recession back into darkness. The reason why I exaggerate is...

Netflix’s One Piece Releases first poster: When is it releasing?

There's nothing that puts many fans' heart at sails than the news of a new live-anime Netflix One Piece adaptation. The reason why the...
Rumor One Piece Upcoming movie Netflix Live-Action

Upcoming One Piece Movie – What we know so far

Rumors about One Piece's upcoming movie after Red is making rounds among fans and new updates about a Netflix live-action coming soon are also...

Black Clover Movie 2023 compared in relation to One Piece and Naruto movies

Ever since the beginning, the obsession with the Wizard King in Black Clover has been a revolving theme. With that, fans have speculated that...

One Piece: Is Zoro related to the Shimotsuki Family?

There's a certain blend of chemical historicity and Oda's genius when tackling this new roaming rumor which is not so new. Yes, there is...

One Piece Netflix discloses that Live-Action Sanji will be a ‘Flirt’, not ‘Simp’

The heavy waters that are One Piece have an ocean of things going on for the franchise. Not only is One Piece scheduling for...
Luffy vs Kaidou

One Piece Episode 1041 is nearing us to Gear 5 anime appearance

If you've been an ardent follower of Oda's greatest creation, you would know of Luffy and his Gear 5 transformation comes during Luffy vs...

One Piece: Villains – Age, Height + Crew

Eiichiro Oda's One Piece is one of the most famous manga and anime series of all time. And the anime series is not just...

How Suzume no Tojimari just outshined One Piece Red to take the No.1 spot

Makoto Shinkai films are the reason behind the anime industry's recent worldwide popularity. After his famous films like 'Your Name' and 'Weathering With You.'...

One Piece Odyssey: How the game features Alabasta and Water 7 explained

The greatest thing going for the One Piece World Seeker game was its open-world reveal in the trailer. But as things unfolded it also...