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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet patch 1.1.0; What’s new?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players rejoice! Nintendo has announced and confirmed that we're finally getting a new patch after the Day One update. This also marks...

Rumor: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Patch Update, Coming soon?

Let's be honest: the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet was a huge disappointment for fans that have been looking forward to it ever...

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Who is Gimmighoul?

Pokemon Generation IX has introduced to us a wide range of Scarlet and Violent Pokemons. Not that they themselves are colored as such, but...

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Starters Evolutions – What we know so far (October 2022)

Nintendo released the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet second trailer which showed us more details on the three starter Pokemon. Let us look at the...
Pokemon Pawmi

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Pawmi Evolutions Confirmed

We're back with another Pokemon Scarlet and Violet update, and we'll run you through the confirmed Pawmi Evolution today. So stick around with us! Pawmi...

Leak: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – Pawmi Evolution

In the upcoming release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet this year. A leak possible from the game has been circulating online. The leaked image...
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Rumor: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC – What We Know So Far

The Pokemon Company confirms DLC for the 9th Generation's Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and here's what we know so far! Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC Three...

Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet – Cutest Pokemon, Ranked

Pokemon has always been about a blend of cute and badass with its monster designs. And Pokemon's ninth generation finally arrived with Pokemon Scarlet...

Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet – Can you catch a Titan Pokemon?

There are many technical issues that plague Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. But the game covers that with the raw amount of tasks to do...
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Passimian - Where to catch - Cover

Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet, Passimian – Where to catch?

What Pokemon game is complete without the ability to catch 'em all? In Scarlet and Violet, there is an abundance of Pokemon you can...