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What did the alleged GTA 6 Hacker Leak that upset Rockstar - Featured Image

What did the alleged GTA 6 Hacker Leak that upset Rockstar?

The recent GTA 6 leak has got to be the biggest hacking situation in gaming history so far. With the advent of technology, it’s...

GTA 6 Leaks probably history’s greatest Publicity Stunt by Rockstar

The recent GTA 6 leaks have traumatized Rockstar, or so they want fans to believe. And Fans have bought into the "compassion-seeking, impoverished and...

Over 90+ GTA 6 Leaks hint at Vice City Map Return; Real or Fake?

Reports had started to renounce themselves in later parts of 2020 with rumor of Rockstar having officially begun with GTA 6. Amidst all these...
GTA 6 priority for Rockstar now Bids farewell to GTA 5 - Cover Picture

Rockstar to focus on GTA 6? Bids farewell to GTA 5/Online

While there is no official announcement yet from Rockstar about GTA 6, it seems the game's studio is ready to bid farewell to GTA...
Play these Sony PS5 games while you wait for GTA 6 - Cover Picture

Play these Sony PS5 games while you wait for GTA 6

Rockstar still hasn't released more details about GTA 6 including a potential release date or a short description of what it may be about....

GTA Online Criminal Enterprises: Top 5 Best overall cars

As requested, we will share our Top 5 Best Overall Cars from GTA Online Criminal Enterprises DLC. In this article, we will rank our...

Rockstar Games will announce GTA 6 in October, rumor or true?

Are you ready for some GTA 6 news? You may have heard news or rumors circulating about GTA 6's arrival and Rockstar Games' announcement...

GTA Online Criminal Enterprises: Top 5 fastest cars (August 2022)

Players in GTA Online have been wondering which is the fastest since the Criminal Enterprises update added a number of new cars. The best...
GTA 6 - Female Lead Rumor 2

Rumor: GTA 6 Features a Female Lead and Will Be Set in Vice City

It seems GTA 6 is breaking free from its usual set of protagonists. A rumor claims the game will feature its first ever female...

GTA The Criminal Enterprises: All We Know So Far, Latest Details

There's something new for all Grand Theft Auto (GTA) fans to try and play. New gameplay has arrived today which is GTA The Criminal...