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Lost Ark - Machinist Class Meta Cover

Lost Ark’s new Machinist class; Is it the new Meta?

Lost Ark released the roadmap of the game for August and September and it includes a new Machinist class coming to the game. Will...

Lost Ark: New Class Arcanist + July 2022 Update

The Lost Ark fans have something new to smile about. There's a new update released today for this month with exciting new features. It...

Lost Ark: Silver Farming, How to Get Rich Guide

Lost Ark is no different from other games. Here, you have to have a lot of resources to be able to upgrade, enhance, and...

Lost Ark: Error 10010 Explained; VPN Issues

It's bot war once again as an important Lost Ark VPN adjustment (Error 10010) that won't please everyone is explained below. Lost Ark continues its...

Lost Ark: Today’s Update (April 21) – Patch Notes

While I was writing this piece, @playlostark tweeted that the problem had been addressed in a matter of minutes and that the Lost Ark...
Lost Ark Characters

Lost Ark: Balance Changes on KR Test Server, Global Soon to Follow?

For the upcoming big update, Smilegate has officially revealed adjustments for Lost Ark's Korean Test Server. The latter is accompanied by patch notes which...

Lost Ark’s April And May Roadmap Reveals New Class And More!

It's time to rejoice for Lost Ark’s players because a lot of new content is coming! Over the next two months, they are planning...
Lost Ark - Cover

Lost Ark: Console Port Is Possible if ‘Fans Really Want’

In an interview with VG247, Amazon Games' franchise lead Soomin Park shared a few possibilities in the future of Lost Ark. Park shared that...
Lost Ark March 24 Update

Lost Ark: Latest Update Patch Notes; Free Gifts, Fixes, and More!

In addition to fixing problems, adding gifts, and launching Season 1 of Competitive Testing Grounds, Amazon just recently issued Lost Ark's latest update (March...
Lost Ark Characters

Lost Ark Leak Reveals New Classes, PvP Seasons, and More!

Although Lost Ark has been released for a month, most players are still leveling and preparing for the endgame. However, many people are still...