The PS5 is an elite white chiseled game-honing console. Usually, the hardware department of the Gaming world is fallen under the wings of PC modifications. Yet the world of modders has contaminated their reach towards PS5 as well. Sony’s PS5 side panels are removable. And anything that is removable is customizable. (IT DOES NOT APPLY TO HUMAN ORGANS THOUGH, YOU DARK SOULS!). We attempt to bring to you, our picks for PS5 Casing Modifications and Customization that will blow your mind.

The Thing About PS5 Casing Modifications

What adds to the shine of any PS5 is its 4K capacity and a compatible DualSense controller that gives tactile and mutually reacting vibrations to support its master. We can also add to it the massive SSD and capacity for 3D audio. But Sony saw the capacity of the modification industry, and know better than to let go of providing users the potential for change of PS5 Customizations. But here’s the catch – just how much can you do for a PS5 casing modification cum customization anyway?

There’s Not Much Hardware to Drop in The PS5

PS5 Casing Mod RGB
via GeekStreet Youtube
  • Unlike building a PC yourself, specs really fall off low priority when we talk of the Sony console segment. From that angle, there isn’t much to change or hinge in the PS5 hardware. Unlike PCs which you can pull apart, join different components, and maybe get yourself a god-like Tony Stark-built arch-reaching PC Casing.
  • Sure you can put it apart, get certain hardware or make some of your own, put it together, and have your own PS5. In the lucky chances it works, you have yourself something that has not much utility.

The Lack of Options in PS5 Casing Customization

  • Unlike modding PCs, PS5 Casing modifications have fewer dynamics to them. There is not much diversity in how much you can change in PS5 hardware.
  • Sure you can change the chassis, and get some air flowing. Put some vinyl cover on your PS5 Casing or do some artwork yourself.

But Here’s The Catch

But there are few people who have gone beyond the limits of sanity into modifying their PS5. We bring to you certain PS5 Casing modifications that end up going beyond just Casing modifications. They will blow your mind. We will start low-key with PS5 Faceplate or Sidewing modifications and climb up the ladder with Casing Modifications and end with something completely alien from where we began.

Crazy PS5 Casing Modifications That Will Blow Your Mind

1. Gawx Art’s Art Blast – Faceplate Modification

Gawks Art PS5 Mod
Gawx Art hand drawn PS5 Case Faceplate Art
  • Gawx Art here made some crazy psychedelic artwork on top of his PS5 wings to gift to his Dad. He initially drew a digital artwork over the picture he took of his newly bought PS5.
  • He proceeded to draw it out on paper and then draw it over the PS5 Casing wing. This may not be entirely a hardware modification that puts heavy barrel water coolers and fog machines with the hardware of the PS5, but maybe we will get there. For now, it’s an art blast!

2. The Spiderman Faceplate – Faceplate Modification

LetsGoDigital Spiderman PS5 Casing
Giuseppe Spinelli’s Miles Morales PS5 Moding
  • Spiderman Miles Morales PS5 Faceplate is a concept design made by Giuseppe Spinelli, a digital artist, and backed by LetsGoDigital. The thing about this modification is that, well, it’s a kinda concept. Yeah, it’s digital concept art. This is on the list because the design is super cool. And we are simple cavemen, we like cool. The spider crimson logo really sponges out of the chassis to give a premium feel.
  • Now you may be flustered to get your hands on this, but LetsGoDigital only released this as concept art. But they did print a PS5 Faceplate out of it once the PS5 was released. LetsGoDigital conducted a giveaway to promote their printed faceplate version of Giuseppe Spinelli’s concept origin here.

The thing with PS5 is that anyone who can make a faceplate can make their own PS5, not that it will be recognized by SONY.

3. Austin Evan’s ‘Ultimate PS5’ – Casing Modification

Austin Evans build the ultimate PS5
Austin Evans dissected and reborn PS5 WITH A NINTENDO SWITCH!
  • Youtuber Austin Evans was feeling hopeful one Sunday evening when he decided he will dissect a PS5 and put in a Nintendo Switch to make it ‘Ultimate’. Poor PS5. He ordered black faceplates from Dbrand here.
  • He then proceeded to surgically cut a part out of the Casing or chassis of his PS5. This is mind-blowing because this is outright hilarious. It’s just a PS5 with Black faceplates that has a Nintendo Switch inside of it. Like what? That’s such a waste of cash. But, it’s worth the giggles and downright screaming laughter.

4. The Blue Hornet – Casing Modification

The Blue Hornet
via STUDIO FR in youtube
  • The Blue Hornet is just what we are naming it. Studio FR who made it named it pretty plain and boring – PS5 Custom Mod – Huge Side Window. The thing about this is that it’s not just a faceplate modification, the kinds we were seeing until about now. This one is a legit full PS5 Casing modification.
  • StudioFR takes the faceplate apart, smashes the PS5 Casing, and pulls all the internal components off. He then rips a part of the Casing off exposing the sexy senorita to the eyes. He then paints the Sidewings blue makes a tempered glass cutout and joins everything together. Kudos to this amazing mod!

5. A Ninja PS5 Perfect for Camouflage 

PS5 Casing Modifications TOP 8
Wooden PS5 Stealth via DIY Perks (Youtube channel)
  • What’s better than a PS5 you can hide away from your little brother’s inexperienced hands or your baby toddler’s constant rampant abuse of the Dual Sense controller? Better yet, how to save your PS5 from the lavish looks of impoverished gamers who still use a windows XP. Well, worry not, we present to you a PS5 that can blend in with any wooden furniture!
  • This one is astonishingly good-looking, neat, and minimalistic. DIY Perks puts the PS5 apart, completely. Then he takes a good sheath of Carbon Fibre, and some wood (obviously). He sculpts the entire thing brilliantly and puts together the computer segment of this entire thing (the PS5 components). He puts dents on his wooden shell, makes similar dents on the carbon fiber, and viola!

PS5 Watercooling Casing Mod
moddingcafe’s watercooling PS5
  • Watercooling PS5, what the heck is that? Modingcafe builds a PS5 that water cools. That’s cool, even if the PS5 has literally no need for even any further fan cooling, let alone water-cooling. But who doesn’t like to be wet?
  • I tried putting together what exactly they did. But this level of hardware modification requires professional level expertise. It will not be easy for a normal person to make sense out of it. But basically, they put apart a PS5.
  • They built their own water-cooling traces in a motherboard, put together the components of the PS5, got a watercooler, and then put together a modified chassis.

Now is when we get into actual dangerous territory. Whatever lies ahead of this is no more just a PS5. It’s been modified, something similar to biomechanical modifications in the cyberpunk niche. These are terminators, alien experiments, or whatever you name them.

7. PS5 Watercooled x ITX Hybrid Modification

Moddingcafe's ITX + PS5 build
Moddingcafe’s ITX + PS5 build
  • Moddingcafe has done another one. A Freaking two-in-one Console cum ITX Pc built. We have far left PS5 modifications, this is cross-species breeding territory now. If you get your hands on this one, you will be able to enjoy both a PS5 Digital and an ITX PC. You just gotta select the power button of which module you want to run and kaboom!
  • The Specifications of the system are the following –
    The PC ITX Module:CPU Intel Core i9 11900k – GPU Asus ROG Strix RTX 3080 OC Gaming – Mainboard Asus ROG Strix Z590-I Gaming Wifi – SSD Western Digital WD_Black SN850 NVMe 1TB – RAM XPG Spectrix D50 32GB (2x16GB) – PSU CoolerMaster V850 SFX Gold – Custom CPU Waterblock based on Bitspower Touchaqua Summit MS OLED – Bitspower Classic VGA Water Block for ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3080 – Bitspower S1 Pump PWM – Bitspower Leviathan XF 360 4xG1/4″ Radiator – Bitspower NJord Dual Fin DRGB Fan x3 – Custom distro plate – Bitspower fittings
  • PS5 Module:Custom APU Waterblock based on Bitspower Touchaqua Summit MS OLED – Custom PCB component water block conductive plates. – Custom Memory chips heatsink – PSU CoolerMaster V650 SFX Gold – Noctua NF-A12x15 PWM – Bitspower S1 Pump PWM – Bitspower Leviathan XF 360 4xG1/4″ Radiator – Bitspower NJord Dual Fin DRGB Fan x3 – Custom distro plate – Bitspower fittings Chassis fan: – Noctua NF-A12x15 PWM

8. Origin PC’s God Of Gaming All In One System

Unbox Therapy One O All in One Console PS5 Case Modification
The Big O All Console in One requires Multiple Monitors
  • Topping our charts is Origin PC’s custom-built god. This system has every console in it. You can turn on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PS5, and An ITX PC. I won’t write the specs this time, it may just not fit in here. You will need some 4 monitors for this fella. This is basically insane, it defies the laws of logic.
  • Of course, there doesn’t seem to be much utility to it, unless you want to establish a gaming cafe. But worry not! this god isn’t for sale. This was built by Origin PC as a memoir to their first ever Origin PC built 12 years ago and is gifted to Unbox Therapy. 


The world of computer gaming has taken some astronomical leaps in the recent decade. Let’s even put aside the goliath of development in the technological segment, from high-tech forefront hardware modules produced by Giants like Nvidia and AMD and software to support the same. Computer gaming is not just limited to PCs, it’s an altogether category for gaming of all kinds. We brought to you, the greatest PS5 Casing Modifications (That went beyond just cases!).

PS5 Camouflage Collection
Image Courtesy of PlayStation

All gaming is computing, in some sense. Sony has spared a few notches unhinged in their attempt to change the gaming expanse. And such changes include the potential for modifications. Yet the last segments that we showed you were complete hybrid modifications. People can go crazy innovative when it comes to hardware. In this aspect, the world of gaming really divulges from the world of hardware.

If you have any questions regarding this article, feel free to ask in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.  

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