Apple iPhone 15 Pro: All Playable AAA Games | Complete List

Apple has just introduced their latest model, the iPhone 15 Pro. This new iPhone comes with a powerful chipset that allows it to smoothly run high-quality AAA games. Curious about which AAA games are playable on the iPhone 15 Pro? Stay tuned, as this article will provide a comprehensive list of compatible titles.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Brings Mobile Gaming to the Next Level

After months of leaks and heightened anticipation, Apple has officially unveiled its iPhone 15 series. As expected, many of the earlier leaks have proven to be accurate.

  • Notably, these new devices introduce a significant change: the removal of the Lightning Port which has been replaced by a USB Type-C port. Apple is ending the use of its Lightning Port after nearly 15 years.
  • The iPhone 15 series also brings substantial improvements to the table, with the Apple A17 Pro being the standout feature. 
  • The most surprising revelation, however, is the iPhone 15 Pro’s claim to be “the next level of mobile gaming.”

This boost in gaming capabilities is made possible by a new chipset, a development that aligns with Apple’s annual tradition of enhancing its phones’ components.

In what can only be described as a major announcement, Apple has confirmed that the new iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will support several AAA games. The question is, which games will the smartphone actually support? Below, we provide the complete list.

Playable AAA Games on iPhone 15 Pro

iPhone 15 Pro playable AAA games list
Screengrab courtesy of Apple

During its recent iPhone event, Apple made some exciting announcements regarding its mobile gaming capabilities. They revealed that these titles will soon be available on their mobile devices:

Additionally, there are expectations that The Division Resurgence will be released for the iPhone 15 Pro next year. 

Apple has been gradually advancing its gaming offerings, having previously brought games like Resident Evil Village, No Man’s Sky, and Death Stranding to Mac. However, the iPhone 15 appears to represent a significant leap forward. 

Not only does the iPhone 15 Pro boast impressive power, but it’s equally impressive that Apple has garnered support from major publishers like Ubisoft and Capcom, elevating the iPhone to the status of a full-fledged gaming platform.

About the A17 Pro Upgrade

Apple iPhone 15 Pro A17 Pro
Screengrab courtesy of Apple

The A17 Pro stands as Apple’s most potent mobile chipset to date. 

  • This 3-nanometer chip boasts a staggering 17 billion transistors and a six-core CPU.
  • Apple asserts that its two high-performance cores outshine the A16 by 10 percent, while its four efficiency cores offer significantly improved performance per watt.
  • Apple proudly declares a 20 percent increase in GPU speed for the pro-class GPU, featuring a 6-core configuration with superior peak performance and energy efficiency.
  • The new Apple A17 Pro promises to usher in “next-level mobile gaming” with rapid, efficient performance and hardware-accelerated ray tracing.

This chipset appears especially appealing to game developers, as Apple has announced the availability of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil Village on the iPhone. The Division Resurgence is also slated for release next year, further highlighting the A17 Pro’s potential for enhancing mobile gaming experiences.

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