Do you dream of being a rummy expert? Do you wonder what tricks can make the opponent call it quits? Well, we are here to help you with exactly that knowledge. Here are some well-tried tricks to beat your opponent in rummy card games. These tricks are sure to work in all variations of rummy card games. You will leave your opponent confused and tensed when you use these strategies one by one to beat the opponent. So, here are the tricks and tactics to beat your opponent in online rummy games:

Have Multiple Options for Completing Life

Life in rummy is the minimum arrangement of cards in the hand till which the hand is regarded as a full hand. The definition of life may vary based on the type of rummy card game you are playing. In a 13 cards standard rummy, life is formed by one natural/pure sequence and one real/artificial sequence. When you maintain different combinations of cards then multiple cards can complete life in your hand. Instead, if you hold onto one card arrangement and hope that sequence is completed, it may take much time to complete life. That is why you need to maintain many options for sequences to complete life. You may arrange picture cards, number cards or a combination of both to create a pure sequence. 

Make The Optimum Use of Jokers

Jokers are cards that can be used to complete real sequences and even melds. This is the reason why jokers can act as a lifeline in rummy games. A good rummy player knows how best to use the jokers. Even when he has used a joker to complete a real sequence, he will always eye the remaining cards to see how they can be rearranged. This allows him to make the optimum use of jokers and complete his hand as soon as possible.

Keep an eye on the opponent’s moves

Assessing the opponent’s moves can also be important in rummy games. The cards that an opponent disposes of explains much about the cards that he holds. A good player is capable of assessing the cards in the opponent’s hands by seeing the disposed cards. This prevents him from disposing cards that the opponent may require to complete the sequence or set. Such strategic thinking plays a vital role in beating the opponent in rummy.

Don’t Hesitate To Choose First Drop or Second Drop

Many people thinking to quit a round of rummy is like giving up on a challenge. They treat it like cowardice and do not use the opportunity they have to quit a game even when they have a really bad hand. This can cost them heavily as they may pay full points as the opponent wins. A good player does not hesitate to call it quits in a series of card games like Deals Rummy and Pool Rummy. If he gets a bad hand at the very beginning, he may choose the first drop. He may choose the second drop if he plays a few moves and realizes there are few chances of him winning the game. Just like losing in a battle is sometimes necessary to win a war, quitting in a round of card games can save many points and help the player win the series.

Don’t Give The Opponents The Cards He Needs

Never ever dispose of cards that an opponent may find useful. When the opponent picks up cards like K of hearts, it could indicate that he is making a sequence of K, Q, and J of hearts. Don’t be foolish to dispose off J of hearts even when you don’t need it. Play not just to win but also not to let the opponent win. 

Just reading this post won’t give you enough insight to win the game. You may also have to put all these rules to practice. A good way to do this is to download Khelplay Rummy and practice the game with practice chips. Once you have learned all the rules and know-how to beat your opponent, you can go ahead and play the real game. Choose a cash play rummy tournament and win some real prizes for your rummy gaming skills.

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