This article is in collaboration with EaseUS

We use video recording software for a lot of purposes in our day-to-day lives. The best demographic that is targeted by the makers of such makeshift software are probably content creators, as they frequently need to edit videos and add or modify the content as needed by their target audience. Simple screen recordings are also used in businesses or in education where some form of knowledge transfer is involved. Video recording software have been out for many ages, but have mostly picked up with the increase in popularity of YouTube – as more and more people looked to making a gig with the video streaming company.

Today we’ll be having a look at the premium version of EaseUS RecExperts. EaseUS is a company who is already known for making high grade utility software for managing our day-to-day activities – it was only so long before they experimented with the high profile screen recording market. With the new v3.0 update coming, RecExperts is going to venture into the game recording market – a market that has remarkably high competition. We’re going to put the new features of EaseUS RecExperts to the test and see how it compares with the competition. (You can check it out from their main website if you’re interested).

Flexible features on-the-go

EaseUS RecExperts comes with similar features to most other screen recorders on the market. It allows one to record the screen or a part of the screen as the user desires. The only “bug” that I think might exist is the fact that I cannot resize the borders for the recordable area by clicking on the corners. Recording quality depends on the resolution of the screen if recording is done for the full screen, and scales up and down based on the size of the recording area. There’s also an option to take screenshots of the area being recorded or even from recorded footage later on.


One neat feature that I really think has a lot of potential is allowing users to add a static picture as the starting or ending for the recording. This really helps people who are going to edit the recorded video, as a chunk of the job can be handled from within the recorder itself. The video can also be trimmed (a section of the video can be extracted from recorded footage) whenever required – a neat trick that comes in handy while editing many a time.

The recorder also allows one to extract only the audio section from recordings, a neat feature that is often overlooked. I generally use this while recording “storytelling” videos from YouTube and removing the video section to cut down on the size.

The best feature of all, perhaps, was the fact that the recorder allows one to record encrypted video. Yeah, it means that videos from Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Vimeo or Disney+ can easily be recorded at the user’s convenience. Even for other premium services not listed, there’s an “Other” button which allows one to select the window and record on-the-go.

Decent game recorder

Game recording is something that EaseUS RecExperts is newly getting into. The software allows you to select your window from either the processes or the windows that are currently running in the system. The UI that allows us to select the process/window is simple, and does not need an extensive guide to help you configure. Just click on the “Select Window” button, and select the process or window you want to showcase – simple!


The recorder is made in such a way that it captures activity even when the game is not being actively played. While on a break, the recorder would still continue to capture footage from the game if recording is turned on. It does not get affected other programs are run in parallel. If the system allows it, a few dozen applications can be run besides the game – and gaming footage can still be captured.

EaseUS RecExperts can also be used to monitor the framerate and other information that any gamer might need in-game. In the past, recording software generally had a very heavy performance impact on the game since they used a lot of CPU resources. RecExperts, however, is a lightweight program that consumes barely any resources, so framerate recorded is more accurate. This is something that really made me more interested to explore the software.

For content creators, recording videos of gameplay with your webcam and microphone turned on is very easily done. The webcam area could be freely moved around with the help of the mouse to place it somewhere it does not obstruct the gameplay footage.

One of the biggest advantages of using the software probably is the size of recordings. Generally, clip recorders for video games generate videos with a size greater than a 1 GB. EaseUS RecExperts, on the other hand, produces a size which is almost one-fourth as small as other recorders. This generally means one can record a lot of gameplay without worrying about stacking up a hard drive for resources.


The lifetime access for EaseUS RecExperts costs $79.95, which is reduced to $69.95 before the launch of v3.0 of the software (which brings the critical game recording features for all users!). A yearly subscription costs $39.95 and can be cancelled at any time. Interested folks can check out the subscription plans here. While it isn’t the cheapest on the market as compared to its competitors, the features it ships with out of the box does make it a very good investment – especially for people who need to use it on a regular basis.