The recent controversies surrounding Epic Games and Fortnite will not even barely touch their touche of distributing free games at the end-of-the-year sale. Or put more accurately, it’s an end-of-the-year Epic Games Free Game giveaway. While 2022’s December witnessed Epic Games giving away major titles like Dishonored, Death Stranding, and Metro, what do we have in turn for January 2023?

What will you find on the Epic Games Store Free Games list this January 2023?

Epic Games sued by FTC for breaking COPPA
Epic Games store logo, image courtesy of EPIC

To claim some water into your ambitious hopes, the Epic Games Free Games this January 2023 is not that extravagant. Not that they are anything way less. Epic Games released Shadow Tactics – Aiko’s Choice and Kerbal Space Program on January 5th. 

What is Shadow Tactics?

  • Shadow Tactics – Aiko’s Choice is described on the internet as a sublime ninja tactic game. Look over from an aerial view of your dribbling Ninja sims. It is notable that this isn’t the first installment of Shadow Tactics.
  • We have seen Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun back in 2016. Imagine this one to be like HITMAN but with the top aerial camera angle and ninja. Yep, pretty much defines it.

This game will be on the Epic Games Store Free Game giveaway from January 5th to January 12th. 

These games are the follow-ups of the epic titles given away in December. So it makes sense to not give away something on the level of GTA V Deluxe Edition (like they did) simply after having given away Death Stranding. I mean, extravagant titles should be given leisurely and sparingly so it retains their aroma.

What is First Class Trouble and when does it come out?

  • For those wondering, First Class Trouble is a multiplayer game. It falls in similar lines to Among Us. The larger point of the game is to work together and shut down a wildcard Artificial Intelligence. The players are actually passengers.
  • Referring greatly to their seating as First Class, and hence the trouble. The game previously released on PS Plus. This Epic Games Freebie will release on January 12th and be on sale (giveaway) til January 19th.

EPIC GAMES STORE Free Games giveaways for 2023 January

  • Shadow Tactics – Aiko’s Choice (January 5 at 10 am CT – January 12 at 10 am CT)
  • Kerbal Space Program (January 5 at 10 am CT – January 12 at 10 am CT)
  • First Class Trouble (January 12 at 10 am CT – January 19 at 10 am CT)


The thing with Epic Games giveaways is that they plentifully and ungreedily hold multiple free games giveaways. These include not only Indie games but also AA or AAA titles. History’s greatest free game giveaway however is still that of Epic Games giving away GTA V Premium edition for free.

Which not only crashed the server but usurped the GTA V online fanbase like no other in the history of its course. With GTA VI on its way, we wonder if such a freebie giveaway is possible for Red Dead Redemption 2. Although, our first hint is that that’s not possible. But, let the man dream.

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