The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). PMI PMP is the most recognized industry-standard credential when it comes to project management arena. Most of the successful projects in the world are executed by professionals who have a profound understanding of the best methodologies to manage projects successfully. Therefore, the PMP certification is necessary for professionals who want to build a career in the project management field.

PMI PMP Certification Application Steps

The PMI has set a clear guideline for IT professionals who want to apply for the PMP certification. Here are the three distinct steps to follow when applying for this mighty credential.


Validate the roles performed as a project manager


This is the first step where the project manager must demonstrate that he/she has taken place in performing the following tasks:

  • Leading and directing cross-functional teams in delivering a project within the constraints of budget, schedule, and scope
  • Applying an appropriate approach to manage the project to meet the deliverables and requirements
  • Performing all project management duties under general supervision

During application, you should explain exactly what you did as a team leader (not what the team did).


Describe your project experience


Every project manager applying for the PMP certification should take this step seriously. You are required to individually illustrate every project you managed professionally. Here are the key metrics you should consider:

  • A project objective summary in brief
  • Your key project deliverables and responsibilities by process area, for instance, executing, initiating, etc.
  • Project outcome summary in brief

A good technique of describing your experience is using abbreviations for process groups such as IN for initiating so that you can allow enough space for your description.


Confirm your education in project management


In order to qualify for the PMP certification, you must:

  • Demonstrate successful completion of workshops, courses and training programs by submitting the supporting documents or certificates
  • Self-directed learning and achievements should not be included as contact hours.

The prerequisites for PMP certification

The PMI PMP certification is designed for experienced project managers who meet the key prerequisites which are:

  • Secondary degree (associate’s degree, high school diploma, etc.)
  • Directing and leading projects for at least 7,500 hours
  • The CAPM certification or 35 hours’ education in project management

Alternatively, you can opt for the second variant which includes the following requirements;

  • Four-year degree
  • At least 4,500 hours of leading projects
  • The CAPM certification or 35 hours’ education in project management

Additionally, candidates must pass PMP exam which contains 200 multiple-choice questions. The time allotted for every candidate to complVCE the test is 4 hours and the price for PMI members is $405 while non-members will have to pay $555. Each year, PMI requires the project manager to earn 60 PDUs in order to maintain their PMP certification.

Preparation tips for passing PMP exam

PMP exam is set to assess the in-depth understanding of project management skills and knowledge. In order to pass the exam with flying colors, you need to do your best to be well-prepared. Here are some of the preparation tips to let you through PMP exam:


Dedicate enough time for your preparation


You do not have to wait until the last minute so that you start preparing for your PMP exam. The moment you register for your exam should be the beginning of your prep. Most of the candidates fail the exam simply because they do not prepare earlier. It is recommended that you spare at least two hours every day for your preparation process for PMP test.


Use flow charts


Project management is all about steps and milestones. Having the ability to represent your knowledge in flow charts or diagram is a plus to understand project management concepts. It is also a strategy of condensing project management concepts into minimum and manageable workspace for easy reading.

Use prep materials from Exam-Labs

This is the most important option you should focus on during your preparation process. Exam-Labs is the leading platform when it comes to prep materials for exams. It offers premium files, practice questions and answers, video courses and educative blogs for candidates who are sitting for PMP exam. All the materials provided there are updated and reliable.


Use VCE simulator


There are several ways of preparing for exams. With the VCE simulator, you will prepare in the most efficient way. This tool opens VCE files available at Exam-Labs and gives you the opportunity to take exams in an environment that is similar to that of an actual exam. Besides, it helps you to gauge your readiness for PMP exam because you can analyze your performances on various exam topics.

Plan your exam day

Finally, the day to prove your skills and knowledge in project management has come. You do not have to go to the exam room unplanned. The trick to use is to go through the course outline of PMP exam and ensure that you have covered every topic. Have a rest and a good sleep before the exam day. Then, be confident and calm while tackling exam questions to remember each concept learned or use your logic if necessary. 

Job Opportunities

Being PMI PMP certified opens your doors to apply for various job positions. They include:


  • Project Manager
  • Information Technology Director
  • Director of operations


According to, certified project managers earn an annual salary that ranges from $88, 000 and $143, 000.


Project management is the sole skill to run several projects successfully. The PMI PMP certification equips the project managers with the ultimate skills to manage advance projects in a clearly defined process. Pass PMP exam with Exam-Labs study materials and be a qualified compVCEnt project manager. Wish you good luck!