Here Are The Top 5 Online Slots Of 2019

Online casino slots have become one of the biggest financial behemoths in the UK gambling industry – generating £2 billion of the overall £14.4 billion revenue the sector brought in last year.

Ever since slots became part of the physical gambling market over a century ago, they’ve been a popular draw for punters both casual and serious. Land-based casinos lined their floors with rows upon rows of machines offering the finest spins on offer. The introduction of online gambling only saw their popularity increase, with hundreds of thousands of different varieties of slot games now available at gamers’ fingertips.

It can be tricky to find your favourite slot games – as there’s so many available. One great place to get the very best to start is at a premium online gambling operator where you can find a vast array of exclusive and engaging online slots. From adventure games to ones based on movies and music, there’s something for every type of player.

Every day there are new releases on the market, providing new graphics, concepts and prizes for gamers to enjoy. Luckily for you, we’ve cut through the crowds and compiled a list of the very best new games on the market that you simply have to play.

Game of Thrones – Microgaming

After a two-year hiatus, Game of Thrones returned to screens in April 2019. The blockbuster TV show, originally based on George R.R. Martin’s novels, has gathered a worldwide following, garnering almost one billion viewers worldwide. The iconic characters, spectacular settings and heart-stopping action have contributed to it becoming a cultural phenomenon.

Gaming developer Microgaming has decided to cash in on the show’s popularity and release their own Game of Thrones based slot. It’s a thrilling experience, much like the show, with nonstop action and entertainment. The biggest attraction to the game, other than the theme, is the free spin bonus round which boosts 95% Return To Player (RTP).

The icons on the slots are all based on Game of Thrones characters and icons, with each of the bonus rounds being based upon the historic houses of Westeros. Will you abandon the greater good to reap the financial rewards of helping out House Lannister?

Jumanji – NetEnt

The classic 1995 fantasy adventure Jumanji was revived in 2017 with a recreation featuring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. This remake propelled the cult film back into the public consciousness, introducing a whole new generation of fans to the story – while reminding older fans who remember the original Robin Williams classic.

It’s those returning fans that led NetEnt to produce a Jumanji-themed slot machine that, harks back to the original 1995 film. The slot is designed to replicate the original board game of Jumanji and the visuals on display when playing are stunning. Using icons and backgrounds that feature themes from the movie, it’s an immersive experience guaranteed to rekindle old memories.

The Jumanji slot has an interactive board game that allows players to trigger multiple free spin games. There are also four randomly-triggered bonus features which significantly boost the profitability of the slot – making it a nostalgia trip, rich with rewards.

Penn & Teller – Everi

Stepping away from film & TV-inspired slots, we venture into the world of magic and illusions with a fantastic slot based on the famous magical duo of Penn & Teller. Stalwarts of the Las Vegas entertainment scene for decades, it’s natural that the pair should have a slot game based around their successful act.

As you’d expect, this Everi-produced slot incorporates elements of mysticism and magic in its design. The gameplay and bonus features are based on some of Penn & Teller’s most famous tricks, adding a special nod to fans of the duo’s onstage exploits over the years.

Vanish a Rabbit, Miser’s Dream and Shadows are all featured in the slot, along with a few extra bonuses from the minds of Everi themselves. There are eight hidden bonus features for players to enjoy, which coupled with a generous RTP, make it a must-play game.

The Game of Life: Career Day – Scientific Games

If you’re unfamiliar with The Game of Life, it’s the enormously popular board game that was first released in 1860 by Milton Bradley. The board game sees players live out a life in which they have to cope with childhood, college, work and relationships. The game has maintained its popularity for over a century and a half. Numerous versions have been released, along with video games and TV show depictions.

Scientific Games had enormous success with their first Game of Life slot and have capitalised on this by releasing this sequel. Unlike the original slot, this new version has been officially licensed by Game of Life owners Hasbro.

As such, the graphics and gameplay are more authentic. RTP, bonuses and prizes are what you’ll commonly find across many different slots. But what makes this game stand out, is that it’s one of the few slot machines that actively engage players by closely following the gameplay of the original board game.

Luminous Life – Playtech

David Attenborough’s Blue Planet documentary achieved popularity on both sides of the Atlantic and inspired affirmative action to be taken in the battle against plastic. On a more light-hearted note, it also inspired this fabulous slot machine from Playtech.

The theme of Luminous Lie focuses around deep sea creatures, and the developers have focused all their efforts on making this slot as visually-appealing as possible. Some online slots perhaps focus too much on the gameplay, neglecting the importance of graphics. Thankfully, Playtech hasn’t done this with Luminous Life.

The icons in play are all variations of marine life, ranging from stunningly beautiful fish to the real-life monsters of the deep. Much like the Game of Life slot, this one doesn’t pull up any trees when it comes to profitability. But it is still a must-play slot thanks to the stunning design.


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