Both iOS 16.4 and iPadOS 16.4 were made available by Apple today following several weeks of beta testing. iOS 16.4 and iPadOS 16.4 provide a vast variety of new capabilities, ranging from improved emoji characters to online push alerts on the iPad.

  • New Emojis

    • The Unicode Consortium initially authorized new emoji characters in September 2022, and they are now present in iOS 16.4.  There are a total of 21 new emoji.

  • Notifications

    • In iOS 16.4/iPadOS 16.4, websites that are added to the Home Screen of an iPhone or iPad as web apps can deliver Web Push alerts, just like on the Mac.
      • With the release of iOS 16, Apple initially teased this feature at WWDC, and it is now prepared to go live. With a subscribe button or some other similar direct contact, web apps that have been added to a user’s home screen can ask permission to receive push notifications.
      • Similar to the Mac, the iPhone or iPad will ask the user to provide permission for the web app to deliver notifications. Notifications may be controlled individually for each web app in the Notifications area of the Settings app.
      • The Lock Screen, Notification Center, and a linked Apple Watch all display notifications from online apps in the same way as they do from other apps. You must add a website to the Home Screen in order to subscribe to push alerts for it.


    • There are choices for controlling where and how to get web notifications, and Focus can include notifications for Home Screen web apps so they may be rolled into Daily Summaries.
    • Focus mode will immediately be applied to all iPhones and iPads belonging to users who add the same web app to their Home Screens.
    • Similar to badges for traditional apps, web apps installed to the Home Screen can show badges to inform users of alerts and notifications. When a user agrees to accept alerts, badges are then displayed, and web apps show the current badge count.
  • 3rd Party Browsers

    • Users may now add webpages and web apps to the Home Screen from the Sharing menu in third-party browsers like Chrome.
  • Wallet

    • Apple Pay transactions made in the Wallet app can now be tracked with the help of a new order monitoring widget for the Home Screen in iOS 16.4.
    • With the release of iOS 16, this capability became available, and it only functions with a small number of approved vendors. Apple now offers a separate Share option in the Wallet app that enables users to share order details.
  • Apple Music Profile + AppleCare Coverage

    • Your profile is now easily accessible in the Apple Music app, making it simpler to access profile settings.

    • You can view the warranty details for your iPhone and associated products like Apple Watches and AirPods in the redesigned “Coverage” interface in the Settings app. Finally, each item on the list has a tiny icon next to it.
  • Podcasts

    • The Podcasts app received many changes from Apple. The Library tab now offers access to channels, and Up Next now allows you to continue episodes, start stored episodes, and skip episodes.
    • Lastly, with Up Next for CarPlay, you can now resume listening to a podcast where you left off, or you may browse new podcasts.

  • Apple Books Animation

    • Several Apple Books users were annoyed when Apple changed the program in iOS 16 to remove the customary page-turning motion that had been there since the app’s launch.

    • For Apple Books readers who missed it, the page turning animation has been reinstated in iOS 16.4 as an option. There are now three options for page flipping in the Books app’s Themes and Settings section: Curl, Slide, and None.
    • For those who read on the iPad, iPadOS 16.4 also includes these features as well.
  • Emergency SOS

    • iPhone 14 models now support Emergency SOS (Austria, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Portugal) via Satellite.

Developer Beta

Those who are a part of Apple’s developer program can enable developer betas directly from the Software Update section of the Settings app on iOS 16.4 and iPadOS 16.4.

  • As a result, getting developer betas won’t require installing a profile from the Development Center. For public beta testers who prefer a simpler update installation process, there is also an option.
  • If an account is separate, developers and public beta testers will be capable of using a different Apple ID from their primary Apple ID.
  • It should then be noted that this will eliminate the practice of publicly distributing developer beta profiles because each person will need to be signed into an Apple ID connected to a developer account in order to install a developer beta.

PlayStation 5 DualSense Edge Controller Support

DualSense Edge v DualSense

  • Support has then been added for the adaptable PlayStation 5 DualSense Edge Wireless Controller that was unveiled in January in iOS 16.4, iPadOS 16.4, tvOS 16.4, and macOS Sierra 13.3.

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