Prep-away – Microsoft 70-417: The Exam That Make You a MCSA Certified Specialist

Anybody who has the slightest interest in computers and Information Technology must know something about Microsoft as it is one of the largest companies in these fields. Microsoft not only produces and manufactures the best computer hardware and software products but also does more than this. There are many certification courses and exams that this organization provides worldwide to interested people. One of such credentials is MCSA or Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate. Anybody who wishes to earn it has to pass the Microsoft 70-417 exam.

There are many advantages of getting a certification of this kind because it will help the candidate at different stages of his/her career. In case somebody is already an IT specialist, then this person will find this certificate from Microsoft very helpful. Organizations always welcome those individuals who have the necessary skills for their work and what could be better than to have this type of credential from Microsoft as proof of your capabilities.

Why should you take the exam?

Everyone who would like to put some efforts in order to pass the test ask the questions about the benefits of doing this. One simple answer could be that if someone wants to work with the Windows Server infrastructure, this individual should sit for the 70-417 exam. If a person has already obtained a lot of information and knowledge about the Windows Server infrastructure and wants to make a career in it, Prepaway could be a major game changer for professional life. If one passes this certification test, then he or she will be certified by the famous vendor and that will look amazing on your CV. This will tell a lot about you and your skills. The Microsoft certificate will act as evidence of your skills and it will tell the employer that you are a professional, which will increase your value and you might be given a higher pay.

Microsoft 70-417: Overview

The very first fact that one should know about Microsoft 70-417 is that it is a set of three exams and it is an upgrade to those who already have the following credentials, among others:

  • MCSA: Windows Server 2008
  • MCITP: SharePoint Administrator 2010
  • MCITP: Lync Server Administrator 2010
  • MCITP: Enterprise Messaging Administrator 2010

The Microsoft 70-417 exam consists of three different tests: 70-410, 70-411 and 70-412. One should note that they have to be taken in sequence with no intervals. After the student has written his or her last exam, then he/she will see the score very quickly. Hence, the person will be able to get his or her results immediately, which is good in the sense that one does not need to wait and can go for the next step. The available languages are English, German, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese (Brazil), French, Japanese.

Windows Server 2012 configuration, installation and troubleshooting are the main areas of the Microsoft 70-417 exam. Therefore, there is a concentration on PowerShell 3.0 and that is why it is significant that one should have some practical experience before he or she sits for the test.

Microsoft 70-417: the Preparation process

It should be noted that preparation for the Microsoft 70-417 exam is not easy. The reason is that one has to prepare for three tests in fact. It is always recommended to prepare for it in advance, no matter which one is your goal. The candidate should ensure that he or she has enough time, at least a few months, to prepare for it. One should not make the mistake of rushing as it can be damaging and he or she could end up with failure in the exam. These tests are a serious matter and need thorough preparation to pass. To be ready for Microsoft 70-417, there are many tips that you can follow in order to prepare for your test properly.

  • Join online communities

We live in the era of the Internet and it is, in fact, a great source of help. The students can make use of various websites that contain materials for the IT tests. Besides, there are many online communities that can be used for this purpose. Besides, it is always good to network and get help from those individuals who have already passed the Microsoft 70-417 exam. It is the fact that people who have passed the tests upload study materials that they found good and anybody can reap the benefits from them for the preparation. The experiences that these individuals share are very beneficial for the newcomers.

  • Microsoft Virtual Academy

Microsoft has developed the Microsoft Virtual Academy, which is a great source that provides materials for the exam’s preparation. Through this MVA, one can get access to study materials, including videos, which are very helpful for the preparation of the exam topics. These videos include lectures from the Microsoft certified instructors and they provide very authentic information on the subjects. One can also find some very useful tips related to such exams.

  • Practice tests

Taking a lot of practice tests is one of the key ways to pass the certification exam. There are a lot of practice questions that are available online. When a person writes practice tests, he/she can easily identify his or her mistakes and avoid making them in the real exam. It is important to note that one should practice with these tests as much as possible but do not try to memorise as the questions in the test are always different.

When it comes to the Windows Server infrastructure, the Microsoft 70-417 exam is one of the key tests that help one get the status of an MCSA certified professional.


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