Those who have been following the latest gaming news will be aware that Rockstar have brought out their anticipated Definitive Trilogy for the Grand Theft Auto series. Gamers who grew up with these games will know of the sense of nostalgia that virtually the whole community shared when it was first announced that these old games would be getting a makeover for the current generation. However, nostalgia can be a dangerous thing as it can raise expectations beyond what is required. It seems this is exactly what has happened with the release of the Definitive Trilogy, but the fault cannot be entirely placed on gamers with too much expectation.

Grand Theft Auto is a series that needs no introduction. It is hard to think of a game franchise that is more popular than the series that gives players cars, guns, and an open world to do whatever they desire. Of course, due to the nature of the game, it has seen much controversy over the years, but this was never due to issues in the quality of the game itself, more the material that was being presented. Rockstar has enjoyed a reputation of creating masterful quality games but with the release of the Definitive Trilogy, this reputation appears to be tarnished.

For the price of a full game, players can receive a half-baked, visually disappointing mess, which was nothing like the trailers showed gamers would receive. The main reason why the game is getting so much hate is that it is simply unpolished, and not up to the standard of a normal Rockstar release. Historically, when buying a Rockstar game, gamers had peace of mind that they would be purchasing a quality game. It no longer seems that way anymore.

The reason that this is so disappointing is that it should have been impossible to get wrong. They already had quality games to work with as the foundations, all they had to do was update the graphics, controls, and maybe add in a few new additions to make buying the game worthwhile. Instead, content has actually been taken away from the Definitive Trilogy that was present in the originals, which is simply inexcusable.

When people look back to games like GTA V, it is hard to believe that Rockstar could blunder so much. This was a game that many people consider to be a masterpiece, and it is among the highest-grossing games of all time. Players can do pretty much anything in the open-world sandbox, including getting a haircut or even going to a casino. This has proved to be a useful introduction into the scene for eager gamblers, who can graduate and play if they want to play for real money.

With the release of the Definitive Trilogy, Rockstar have created a spot on their record that they will find hard to wash off. The gaming community is historically not too forgiving, and fans will be expecting GTA VI to be polished and refined – or else!