If you’re one with us who constantly looks for new Sony PlayStation 5 sets, you would love this update. Rumors or news circulating that Sony gets ready to drop bundles for this year 2023. They have released a few bundles since the next-generation console has been released in 2020. So here are the Sony PlayStation 5 latest bundles for 2023, all the details, and how to order too!

Upcoming Sony PlayStation 5 bundles

This news isn’t quite new to Sony console gamers. There have been numerous chances that the company dropped bundles, just like with their games Horizon Forbidden West and God of War Ragnarok.

  • The rumored soon-to-be-released bundles would be two PlayStation 5 consoles: one Digital Edition console and the other should be Standard PS5 (the one that includes a disc drive).
How to order Sony PlayStation 5 Bundle, eb games
Photo Courtesy of EB Games
  • What made these upcoming bundles different? What Sony sold before offers one unit, one controller, and the base game. Well, for the next bundles, a PlayStation 5 unit comes with two DualSense controllers.
  • Moreover, this news sparked after a video game industry analyst, @MauroNL3 on Twitter, found an online listing of the said bundles.

  • The official listing came from an Australian online retail store — EB Games. When you head to the link, we can already see your eyes shimmer.
  • However, no official statement has been released yet from Sony. We would love to hear news about these upcoming bundles! Hmm, but we think you can order already.

How to order

According to the listing, the pre-order of the bundle runs up to Friday, February 3, 2023. So if you want to, you can head to the link and then add them to your cart now.

  • The PlayStation 5 Console: Two DualSense Wireless Controllers Bundle retails at $899.95. Moreover, you can pre-order the game with a FIFA 23 base game at $999.90 or the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy costing $1009.90.
  • Having another controller included in this bundle does make sense, instead of adding a game. The DualSense controller retails almost similar to the released PS5 games — $69.99. This would be best bought if you enjoy playing games with a sibling or a friend!

The bundle description

The listing also writes all the bundle’s inclusions, mostly all of them are familiar to you. Here are what you can expect with the set:

    • PlayStation 5 console
    • 2 DualSense wireless controllers
    • Base
    • HDMI cable
    • AC power cord
    • USB cable
    • Printed materials
    • ASTRO’s PLAYROOM (Pre-installed game on PlayStation 5)

Older PlayStation 5 bundles

Sony has been actively releasing game bundles of their recently released games. One of the bundles that brought them huge success would be the God of War Ragnarok bundle release. They have been producing these game bundles for a long while, so a controllers-focused bundle should be the best choice for a change.

  • The God of War Ragnarok PlayStation 5 Bundle is still up for sale on PlayStation Direct. If you can’t wait for the newest bundle deal, then you should check this one out. Enjoy the Ragnarok adventure with your PlayStation 5 for $559.99!
  • A God of War Ragnarok Digital Edition Bundle is also available for $459.00! You may check out PlayStation Direct for this one.
Sony PlayStation 5 bundle, god of war ragnarok
Image Courtesy of PlayStation Direct (1),(2)

Available in the United Kingdom

  • A FIFA 23 PS5 Bundle can be bought on PlayStation Direct as well. This bundle retails for only £539.99.
  • Lastly, enjoy the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Sony PS5 Bundle available on PlayStation Direct. You can simply head to the link, and purchase it for £539.99 too.

What do you think about buying this upcoming Sony PlayStation 5 bundle next month?

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