Telecommunications have improved massively since the advent of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell in the 1900s. The telephone had led to technological advances in communication far beyond what humanity could have expected. The scientific spirit inspired by the Industrial Revolution led to a number of key discoveries that would cement the base for modern telecommunications. Possibly the biggest invention of all was the expansion of the ARPANET and the eventual formation of the Internet. The Internet had brought the world to everyone’s doorstep – a game-changing idea that had made its impact upon the world.

Now, in the post-colonial era, work has mostly been done in improving the Internet connectivity around the globe. The Internet offers a wide range of services that users can choose from (depending on what you need) – something which the elite and the middle class mostly enjoy. Spreading connectivity would mean that people even in remote corners of the globe would be able to enjoy the game. The main goal of building up mobile networks was to ensure people can “carry” connectivity with them wherever they go.

With the advent of 5G, everyone’s has their role in helping spread connectivity around – even the common people. It is common knowledge that one can set up MANs and RANs within the comfort of one’s own property now (talking mainly about MANs and RANs since they offer widespread connectivity and are generally mobile in nature). There are many companies that offer you this service, but a few of them stand out from others. One of them include Comarch – selling you the parts and pieces you need to get your own RAN started up within your own backyard.

5G promises to connect every remote corner of the globe with the Internet by 2023. It is important that people fully realize the potential of such a technology and fully embrace it if they want to enjoy its fruits. 4G has been instrumental in ensuring everyone enjoys cost-effective access to the Internet and its services – 5G will only carry its mantle further. Moreover, with added connectivity, people from remote corners of the globe can think about conducting their business online – resulting in an overall boom in productivity.