What is the tiktok coconut challenge about

Every day we stray further from civilization. And the ones on the front line of such a mass cultural depreciation lie our pop singer-models. The recent onslaught of Tiktok trends includes one called Tiktok Coconut Challenge. And it has nothing to do with Tiktok. Neither has anything to do with Coconuts in general. Here’s what it is. 

The TikTok Coconut challenge is actually something NSFW

TikTok Coconut Challenge ban in US
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The coconut challenge is not a domain for children or rated PG. Heck, what it is a domain of is adultery and a mature audience. Besides, the Tiktok Coconut challenge is not something you do on Tiktok. Although you can always shoot yourself with it, and get banned.

The TikTok coconut challenge is actually explicit content. And although it is trending on TikTok again, this trend surfaced way back in 2019-20.

How did the Trend begin?

The trend actually surfaced with Cardi B rapping to Meghan Thee Stallion’s rap part from the then mega-hit song WAP. The wap dance is something you may already have seen floating on the internet.

And presumably, you understand the explicit undertones that lay buried at the surface of that song. Cardi B made the otherwise low-key coconut challenge into something trending by mentioning it. Glimpses of which you can see In the above video.

What is the Tiktok Coconut Challenge – explained

What is it? In essence, the online trend boasts women to spell the word coconut during intercourse. But not with their mouths. Women have to be in a particular position (often referred to as riding or to be on top of, ahem, pardon my conservativeness).

And then using their hips, move in the way the letters c o c o n u t indicate. You can more or less try it out wherever you are sitting right now. Move your hips as per the shapes of these letters. 

How the internet reacted to this hilarious trend

Although it’s called as the Tiktok Coconut Challenge, it is also spelled in the phrase ‘spell coconut with your waist’. Goodness, gracious. The challenge got funny reactions from all around the globe in 2019-2020.

Internet users did not think a ‘coconut challenge’ challenge would be such NSFW. Neither did they think it would have anything to do with coconuts or TikToks.

The primary obstacle to this is that, even if you do finish the coconut challenge, you can only post about it afterward. Internet users, especially Twitter, and Redditors, found it hilarious.

Now, the old videos and posts from TikTok Coconut Challenge have been trending again. Whatever this leads us to, may the force be with you and your child who is exposed to these.


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