Tick, tick, tock. The clock is ticking, and Halloween is nearing. It’s probably too late to think about your son’s Halloween get-up but it definitely isn’t for Christmas. The winter holidays are about to summer up (pun intended) as the year nears its ending. As always, many parents may have felt the odd pace (almost Usain Bolt-like) in which time seems to breeze us by.

Your only recluse being the embrace of your sons (and daughters) it’s time to surprise them with some tech-savvy innovations. We bring to you, the best gadgets for Christmas to buy for your son.

Top Ten Best Gadgets for Christmas for your son

10. Walkie-Talkie 

best gadget for christmas walkie talkie
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  • The harbingers of any famous spy movie bring the formula of the esteemed walkie-talkie conversation. There will be nothing cooler for your son than to engage with you, his brother, or his friend over the walkie-talkie as you all engage in a vicious game of hide and seek.
  • These devices will allow your kids to talk over distances, replacing the fear of smashed phone screens. Of the best gadgets for Christmas this year, this one is it for your son.

Of all the child category walkie-talkies, we offer you slightly older kids but still fit even younger ones models. We recommend this one Motorola T100 for about $34 for 2. This one will require 3 AAA compound batteries to set up. Pair it up what the pairing button and multiple channel selection. After channels are connected, one can simply push to talk.

9. Movie Maker Set

the lego toy building kit
The lego movie maker set. courtesy of amazon.com
  • The days when you assembled your own block buildings in a ferocious attempt to be like Bob the Builder are long gone. The modern age vices building sets with even further complexities. THE LEGO MOVIE 2 Movie Maker comes with over 482 pieces and 3 mini figures – Emmet, Lucy, and Rex.

Let your child be the director of his first movie featuring these 3 characters. Connecting a phone to the Lego Movie Maker app will further allow your kids to take things from brick and bones to moving reels and montages. You can get it for about $58.85 currently.

8. Build Your Own V8 Engine

best christmas gifts gadget
image courtesy of amazon.com
  • If your son has grown above a tender age, he may have recently dived into motorbikes, cars, Moto GP, or Petit Le Mans. If your son has any of mechanical automobile engineering kinks, show him the right path with this Playz Kids DIY Toy V8 Combustion Engine Models Kit for $69.
  • It’s a toy replica of a ‘four-cycle 8 cylinder internal combustion gasoline car engine ‘ and features realistic engine mechanics. It has over 140 highly engaging pieces for your son to put together.

7. Fossil Dig Kit

  • National Geographic’s fossil digging kit allows about over 15 prehistoric fossils to be discovered. This kit features dinosaurs, sharks, brachiopods, mosasaurs, ammonites, and more.
  • The excavation in itself also features the finest tools a chisel, brush, magnifying glass, and a guidebook. This is all you’ll need to fulfill your son’s love for dinosaurs after his latest Jurassic Park escapades. It costs about $24.02

6. Osmo Starter Kit

  • Of the finest iPad accessory lies Osmo, aimed at 5 to 13-year-olds. Osmo kit costs about $79 and gives your son a tablet stand-in base. It also comes with an attachable mirror. Attach the mirror to the tip of your tablet and your son will be able to place his provided number of letter tiles and the wooden puzzle in front of the iPad to play Osmo’s creativity activities.
  • The Osmo app will ask your child to make a multi-load of different puzzle elements, faces, and pile-up letters to form words – all in an educative and fun way.

5. Junior 3D Printer

  • You may feel hesitant to spend on the fore leading techs of the tech industry – 3D printers. It feels calculatingly complex, disastrously way too modern, and too much for your son. But not when we recommend you Da Vinci Junior 3D Printer for $199.
  • XYZ (the company) provides an online platform where your son can join up and learn more about the world of 3d printing. This printer also avoids the calibration difficulties that usual 3D printers carry (and also is often double the price of this variant).

4. Personalized Wonder Book

courtesy of wonderbly.com
  • This one will feel like an ordinary picture book to your son. But when he opens it up and sees all these characters, stories, lores, and activities filled with his name, he’ll be shocked. Wonderbly is a company dedicated to building personalized books. Costing around $40, their website has multiple options.
  • Their website features multiple books, each with a different set and settings. The one recommended here by us is the Save The Multiverse story. You will be setting up to 3 children’s name, their avatars, and their characters which will be featured in the book. Let your son and his siblings/cousins/friends be entailed!

3. Nintendo’s Labo Kit

  • This one again merges gadgets with hard-boiled bricks. Nintendo’s Robot Labo Kit costs around $64 and requires a Nintendo Switch console. Your son will be able to make cardboard creations called Toy-Con and must do so following the instructions on his console.
  • Labo kits usually are buildable cardboard toys that will allow your son to engage with the games within the Nintendo Switch. Car Wheel toys are common, let the legacy of robotics build onto your child. with this recommendation as one of the best gadgets for Christmas.

2. Gameband for Minecraft

  • As we are diving more into video game territories, your child may need a good copy of Minecraft on his PC, Mobile, or Tablet for this recommendation. The best gift for Christmas that you could get your Minecraft-crazy son is this gameband for about $21.
  • The gameband saves all the worlds, games, mod launchers, and everything your son has saved in your computer on his wrist. All his save files are carried in the gameband and can be automatically transferred to any device within proximity using a simple USB cable.

1. Fitness Tracker

  • The Garmin Vivofit Jr 3 for about $54 will cover all your concerns for your son’s fitness. This gadget will allow you to turn your son’s fitness concerns into a fun game that he can fulfill.
  • The sense of completion comes with the possibility of different designs, including various Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney characters. The tracker tracks sleep, steps and activity and keep the Monday Motivation going up all week.

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