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Programming languages ​​for creating games are currently in demand and developed in the modern world. Most games for mobile or computer devices are written in various programming languages. The great popularity of games for computers, androids, and iOS and other systems make programming languages ​​for creating games a valuable commodity in the market. Computer games are one of the fastest-growing areas in the IT field. In the United States alone, the revenue from the sale of computer games is about $ 30 billion per year. This is reflected in the salaries of video game developers, so learning the languages in which games are written is a good chance of finding a high-paying job. There are many programming languages ​​nowadays and most of them are suitable for writing games on various platforms. We decided to help you and discuss the most popular game programming languages ​​right now!

What is the Difference between Languages ​​for Creating Games?

Each language has its own advantages and purpose, so you should not think that one is better than the rest – they are all for solving different problems. Many, for example, write most of the project on one, and high-load – on the other. If you are not yet a pro in this business, then a good way out for you will be to turn for help and AssignmentShark will do your java programming homework, professionals will help you choose the desired programming language or do the task for you.

The Specificity of Browser Games

Although they are not as cool as games for consoles and computers, they are also addictive. The reason is the skillful work of game designers – they think over the mechanics so that you spend more time and money on the game.

If you have played at least one major browser game, then you know: the gameplay is dosed so that the player does not get bored. And to continue playing, come the next day or pay.

Here you can already connect JavaScript – it allows you to store character data in variables, and process graphics using Canvas. If you screw PHP, you will be able to create a database, build protection, and implement multi-user mode. And this is a full-fledged browser game.

Many of these games are written in Flash, which runs in ActionScript. We do not recommend researching this technology, because support will soon be discontinued, and even more options will appear in HTML5 to completely replace it.


It is modern and powerful language from Microsoft, widely used in the world, supported by many game engines. Officially only works with Windows, but game engines and add-ons can easily remove this minor problem. You can create almost any game, of any genre, and for any platform (probably even a calculator). Used mainly for the same Unity engine that is the fastest growing and popular game engine in the world.


It is used in most cases when creating web pages and working in browsers, to give interactivity to a web page. JavaScript supports the imperative, object-oriented, and functional paradigm. To create a browser-based online game, third-party applications are used along with JavaScript, for example, like Node JS + html5. Also used in Unity 3D, to create 2D and 3D games, for any platform.


More recently, Kotlin became the official programming language for the Android platform. Some have speculated that it could become something of a Swift language, but for Android.

Kotlin, like Java, compiles to JVM bytecode. It is fully compatible with Java, that is, we can take any Java code written before and call it in Kotlin, or vice versa. The difference is that Kotlin requires much less boilerplate code, so its syntax is easier to read. Likewise, in contrast to Java, Kotlin is null safe, which implies that on the off chance that you attempt to relegate or restore, the null code won’t incorporate. With everything taken into account, in case you’re simply figuring out how to create Android applications, Kotlin is a perfect variant. 

Do I Need to Choose Only One Language?

One of the charms of writing computer programs is simply the chance of consistent turn of events. ln the development of games (particularly enormous ones), personal growth, including learning the same number of languages ​​as conceivable, isn’t an impulse, yet an essential need. For instance, experienced designers working to support the goliaths of the gaming business frequently face the need to write in 7-8 languages only developing 1 game. Simultaneously, notwithstanding the above languages, they need to learn, for instance, Python or even SQL (as you comprehend, to make databases).

Therefore, if you decide to connect your fate with the production of large games, be prepared to become a “polyglot”. ln addition, the more languages you know, the more intriguing and interesting errands will be introduced to you. And, of course, the chances of getting a dream job will increase significantly.


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