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Path Of Exile will release its 3.16 extension called Scourge for free on October 22nd (PDT) on PC and on October 27th (PDT) on console, which is another carnival feast dedicated to players by the development team. The 3.15 expansion called Expedition will end on PC on Monday, October 18th at 2 PM PDT. Fans who are interested in 3.16 expansion can buy POE Currency in advance to prepare for their development in the league.

What is the schedule for Path Of Exile: Scourge?

On October 14, Grinding Gear Games announced the expansion of POE 3.16 and enabled Twitch Drops through the Twitch live broadcast. The live broadcast included new content reveals, followed by live Q&A with ZiggyD and Chris Wilson. New support packages are also available. However, because of recent problems with Twitch, it is well for players to reconnect their Twitch and Path Of Exile accounts in order to be eligible for Twitch Drops.

On October 17, GGG announced the challenge reward.

On October 18th, Expedition League Ends And 3.16 Private Leagues Are Now Available, And 3.16 Balance Manifesto.

October 19, Patch notes, Project filters, and Passive tree information.

October 20th, All new and changed gems.

October 21, Launch Day Information.

On October 22, the POE 3.16 extension is available on PC and Mac.

October 23, New Mystery Box Revealed.

On October 27th, POE 3.16 extension will be available on Xbox and PlayStation.

The time for the official release of Path Of Exile: Scourge is approaching. Those players who are looking forward to achieving outstanding achievements in Path Of Exile: Scourge should hurry to reserve resources, browse useful information, learn practical strategies, and in-depth study of passive skill trees and the help of Build for characters. These steps are beneficial to them, but the most powerful help is to buy a large amount of Path Of Exile 3.16 Currency in advance.

Players who are familiar with the Path Of Exile league system know that the expansion of Path Of Exile is released every three months. During these three months, players may get a casual, chaotic, wild, or exciting gaming experience, but all of this is inseparable from the help of POE Currency for players. Judging from the successful experience of those players who have achieved brilliant achievements in many leagues in the past, they have bought many Path Of Exile Currency Items before each expansion. It allows these players to gain a firm foothold and seize the opportunity as soon as they enter the league.

Therefore, every player who wants to achieve excellent results in Path Of Exile: Scourge must buy POE Currency for their ideals.

Where is the best place to buy POE Currency for Path Of Exile: Scourge?

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