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Video games and slots seem like a pairing made in heaven. Gamers are unsurprisingly disposed to playing video game themed slot machines because they provide the same level of thrill as real life-video games do. In a sea of slot machines, nothing stands out as much as video game themed slots and it is all because of young video game lovers. 

Today’s gamblers have become used to a certain sophistication when it comes to their choice of entertainment. Before the collaboration between video games and slot machines was made, slot machines were rather lackluster. With traditional slot machines, all you had to do was press a button and wait to see if there was something to celebrate or not.

To attract more modern, younger gamblers, video game slot machines had to be introduced. Since millennials and younger gamblers, in general, grew up playing video games that are naturally more engaging and interactive in nature, video game slots made sense. They offer a level of entertainment that traditional slot machines simply do not for today’s audience.

Video game themed slot machines take the gambler on a journey complete with a well-crafted story and characters to connect with. And this is a very vital quality to gamers. The more skilled and experienced the gamer is, the better the probability of winning. Now, there is such a wide array of video game themed slots that it is mindboggling. You can gamble on practically anything; multiplayer online battle arena, fighting, first-person shooter games, sports, racing, hidden object, and so on.

Whether you are a fan of retro-classic gaming or something more modern, you will appreciate the latest video game themed slots, some of which have been developed by some of the biggest names in software manufacturing. There are plenty of varieties to choose from for a chance to scoop up an extraordinary jackpot. So, if you are in the market to try out video game themed slots, here are 5 awesome slots based on amazing games:

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare Slot Machine

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare slot machine is one of the most popular choices, and for good reason. This fast-paced slot game, from the most well-known gaming franchise today, focuses on modern warfare, which is also the 4th installation of Call of Duty. It comes with cutting edge graphics and features a series of battle themed reel icons to keep you occupied.

Some of the reel icons to look forward to including AK-47 assault rifles, hand grenades, gas masks, ammo clips and soldiers to match all the action. The gambler is in control; you can set up your stakes as high or as low as you would like, which means that it can accommodate players with a range of budgets.

The Street Fighter Slot Machine

As far as first-person shooter games go, it does not get any better than Street Fighter. The franchise goes to great lengths to make their games as fascinating and as interactive as possible and the slot version is no different. From the very start, the player is put in charge when asked to select the wild symbol. The player also decides how much to stake and for how long to play.

The streetfighter logo serves as the scatter symbol while the bonus game consists of an action-packed fight, the winner of which gets a noteworthy prize. There may not be as much fighting to be experienced with the slot version, but there is no doubt that you will have the time of your life while on the Street Fighter slot.

The Resident Evil Slot Machine

The Resident Evil franchise has been wowing video game fans for years so it stands to reason that it would have the same effect on modern gamblers. The Resident Evil Slot Machine features five reels and twenty pay lines and it comes packed with plenty of interactive features, just like the original game. 

With this video game themed slot machine, gamblers get an opportunity to free the world of zombies. The 4 heroes of the franchise are featured in this slot; they appear wielding their weapons each time they land. Your mission as a player is to accompany them on their bonus missions. As soon as you start playing, you will be impressed with the wonderful graphics and the authentic design.

The Atari Pong Slot Machine

Not many young gamblers will be familiar with this slot, but older, more experienced gamblers will have a great time with the Atari Pong Slot Machine. Developed by PariPlay, this slot has all the original elements of the first game. This slot offers gamblers plenty of gameplay and there is an abundance of fun bonus features that promise lucrative returns. 

When you spin the Atari Wild, which is the center of the 5 by 3 reels, the Wild spins independently, therefore giving the player a chance to win one of a possible seven various bonuses. 

The bonuses include a wild substitute, a free re-spin, a vertical or horizontal expanding wheel, a 3x or 5x multiplier, or the incredible pong feature that creates as many as 7 wilds. Not only is this game fun, but you also stand the chance to make hundreds, particularly if you are lucky enough to land on a multiplier.

The Tomb Raider Slot Machine

Tomb Raider is one of those iconic video games that will never go out of style. This 15 pay line slot was designed after the original video game, which has millions upon millions of fans all over the globe. The game itself was based heavily on symbols, and its version of slots is no different.

Classic symbols from the game have been featured extensively with the Tomb Raider Logo fetching the highest payouts. This slot is jam-packed with an adventure so it is very immersive and interactive, which is ideal for any player that looks for that in a gaming experience.

Final Thoughts

The gaming industry is a huge business in today’s contemporary society. If you are a lover of both computer games and gambling, then there could not be a better combination than slot machines based on amazing video games. Most video game themed slot machines are sleek and well designed with out of this world graphics designed to keep you hooked.

Best of all, most of these slot machines are based on yesteryear’s video games. Most of these video games have been re-imagined so that players can have a fresh experience. As such, if you are looking for a new way to relive your childhood gaming experiences, video game themed slot machines will give you the rush of nostalgia that you need.  

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