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A dynamic, free to play, first person shooter like Valorant attracts all types of players. Even for newbies, planning ambushes and playing to survive can quickly become a major part of each day. They soon realize how competitive online gaming can be. Being unable to keep pace with the skills displayed by friends or opponents is often frustrating. That’s when many players turn to a stat tracker to help improve their game play, but is it likely to work?

Why Use a Stat Tracker?

Everyone has a distinctive style of play. Some aspects of a player’s game can be more proficient than others. A stat tracker monitors all types of actions such as head shots, kills per round, first bloods and assists. It provides a detailed analysis of how effective a player is and highlights skills that could be improved upon. A high number of assists for instance, indicates great teamwork. A poor head shot count should send a player hurrying for urgent target practice at the Valorant skill center.

Who Uses a Stat Tracker?

Players of all abilities often use stat trackers. Newcomers use them to discover how they are adapting to the different combat skills a game requires. Professional players use stat trackers to be sure their playing talents remain consistently high. Players aiming to climb the levels need to be aware of their failings in order to improve their gaming. All players can benefit from the analysis of their playing style.

Stat Tracker Features

Stat trackers usually offer basic analytics such as the number of clutches or aces per match. However, it’s the special features that sets them apart. These may include monitoring how effectively a player might perform map navigation in search of its call-outs. An advanced feature is real time analysis that can be used while a game is in progress. A useful comparison is how a player reacts with different characters in a game. Without analytics, players might not be aware that one of their favourite agents isn’t actually the most successful at actions such as head shots.

Stat Tracker Availability

Although some games have in-built analytics, players often prefer to choose their own third-party software. Many stat trackers are easily downloaded to a PC or laptop. There are also mobile apps available. Each version has its own set of features, allowing players to choose software to improve particular skills.


Gaming is highly competitive and inspires players to perform at their best. Tracking the best esports teams will no doubt improve your gaming skills. Even playing amongst friends encourages everyone to enhance their abilities. A stat tracker is a valuable tool that can identify strengths and weaknesses. Research the different features of analytical software to match ability or required skills. The stat tracker’s detailed information can help players improve their gaming skills and play with confidence.