The Gambling Commission has recently announced a ban on the use of credit cards for gambling in Great Britain.

The ban, which is scheduled to take effect on 14 April, is a sequel to the Commission’s independent review of online gambling, as well as the Government’s study of Gaming Machines and vital Social Responsibility Measures. Between August and November of 2019, a public consultation was carried.

An alleged 24 million adults gamble in Great Britain alone, with 10.5 million of those gamblers doing so online. UK Finance now estimates that 800,000* gamblers like to place bets at credit card bookmakers in the United Kingdom. Separate research carried out by the Commission reveals that 22% of online gamblers opt for credit cards to gamble are categorised as problem gamblers – with an even higher risk of danger. The ban, which is set to apply to all offline and online gambling products with the exclusion of non-remote lotteries, is geared towards providing a significant layer of extra protection to those who are vulnerable.

According to Neil McArthur, Gambling Commission chief executive, some of the concerns related to credit card gambling include potential financial harm. The ban, hopefully, will help to minimise the risk of more gamblers betting with funds they do not have. For similar reasons, there are no casinos not on Gamstop accepting PayPal for self-excluded players. The question many gamblers may have on their minds is what alternatives to credit cards are available for gambling transactions. Below is what you should know:

Cash Deposit Casinos

The ability to pay real money into an online casino account (and also withdraw money), was formerly limited to pre-paid cards and vouchers, like Paysafecard (initially called UKash), amongst many others. Yet today, a few of the well-known bookmakers in the United Kingdom now allow players to deposit and withdraw funds from an online casino account via a local bookmaker. This is possible using a special card, which is visibly similar to regular Bank Cards.

UK Casinos That Accept Cash Deposits

While customers can only use cash deposits and withdrawals when they visit larger online casinos, most of the big shots now allow their clients to do so, and it is very simple. You’ll find useful details on how you can use this payment system below.

How To Use Cash Deposits at Online Casinos

If you patronise a high street bookmaker and would prefer to use cash for deposits into your online casino account, rather than using Debit Card, all you require is a “Casino Card”. First, we look at how you can get one of these casino cards, with the aid of a generic example. You need this card instead of your bank ones because of the credit card ban in the UK. Nevertheless, it is good to note that specific bookmakers’ may have specific sign-up processes that differ slightly, but we can rely on the general idea being consistent with all well-known Bookmakers.

First, players will need to visit their local Bookmakers. Once at the counter, request to have a shop/online Card Account created, and provide the information required to the shop worker. It’s good to have your ID to hand, as you may be required to show this to the cashier before your account will be created. Once the cashier inputs your information, you’ll be offered a card much similar to a Debit Card in appearance, and will feature your membership number. That’s it! Your casino account has now been created. Now, you can load funds onto your casino card at the counter with cash, or simply load from your bank card.


First, once you are logged in to your casino account, choose the “Pre-Paid Bookmakers Card” option from the populated list. Type in the amount you would like to deposit, type in your membership number ( any other card-details may be requested), then click submit.
Assuming your casino card has been funded, that’s it. Your money will now be visible in your online casino account, and will instantly be debited from your card. It’s that very stress-free, and, thanks to this smart technology, you can now opt for cash payment in your local bookmakers, and even play with it at your selected online casino in a few minutes.


Withdrawing via this method is usually just as easy as depositing, and the significant benefit of making withdrawals with your bookmaker’s card is the chance to get the funds in cash. Also, there is no need to wait 3-5 days like you would in cases where you withdraw with a Debit Card.

To get started, visit the Banking section of your chosen online casino, and choose withdrawal. Select the Bookmaker’s Card as a withdrawal channel, choose the amount you wish to withdraw, and submit.

Once your online casino processes your withdrawal, the funds will be made available to you via your card straight away, and this can be used in-shop, for bets, or to play the FOBT, or even to get money from the cashier.

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