Casino Year: 2022 Casino Trends

Every year, technological advancements push the limits of what is possible. The competition is heating up, and new product options are popping up. One of the most competitive areas globally is the online casino sector. With thousands of great competitors, it’s a winner-take-it-all race. Innovative payment methods, engaging casino games, and new user interfaces will be among the most intriguing improvements. Casinos continue to raise the bar, for example, a no deposit bonus is offered to users across many platforms, but there will be trends that are set to open up new opportunities.

Here are a few of the most remarkable trends that will redefine the casino gaming industry in 2022 and probably beyond:

Cryptocurrency is gaining popularity

Taiwan, Turkey, and the United States are among the nations that make it impossible for gamblers to use bank accounts. Casinos are opting to accept Bitcoin rather than lose these markets. It is simpler to remain anonymous with cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Although they can be tracked, wallet providers are more tolerant than banks. Many gamblers favor crypto because of the anonymity it provides. Casinos have taken note and are now accepting the most popular digital currencies.

Virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR)

10 years ago, most users were thrilled that mobile gaming even existed. Since then, expectations of digital experiences have increased dramatically, as has the quality of casino and betting apps on offer.

Facebook’s announcement of the establishment of Metaverse pushed VR/AR further into the forefront and continues to promote deeper immersion in gaming. Some casinos, like PokerStars Sport, already provide VR goods. Many of the characteristics given by VR — such as gesture mimicry, 3D avatars, and live interactions — imply that the digital poker experience now much more closely mimics the actual thing.

Nonetheless, the line has been drawn thanks to the entry of VR/AR, which is significant since customers need access to pricey headsets if they want to enjoy these functionalities. For this reason, VR/AR remains to be a slow-burning online gaming trend.

Esports betting

Esports is a new addition to the online gaming market. It’s similar to sports betting, only instead of physical activities, users engage in mental ones.

Esports are extremely popular, and the Twitch and video game communities are massive. Of course, gambling sites want to capitalize on this popularity.

You will choose the winners or put side bets like you would in horse racing or sports betting. The online casino gambling market will continue to evolve as trends and games change.

New territories opened

The Netherlands, Ukraine, and Greece, among other European nations, have formally regulated the iGaming industry as of 2021. This trend is certainly expected to continue next year, owing to the evident benefits to governments who embrace it. Operators, for example, are waiting to lawfully target gamers in Taiwan, which is ready to open its online premises.

Many authorities have already recognized the advantages of developing an online casino. While it is a fantastic opportunity for gamers to experience high-quality material, governments rely on taxes to fund their budgets. It’s a fantastic chance for gaming facility owners to reach new audiences and create fresh content.


Smartwatches are becoming increasingly popular, whether for fitness monitoring, chatting, or gaming. They’re also gaining more and more clout. As a result, it’s no surprise that this new kind of gadget is gaining traction in the gaming sector, with companies like Playtech already selling Apple Watch slot machine apps.

The benefits to operators are self-evident. A smartwatch is more present in the user’s consciousness than a smartphone, making it more probable that they would play games on the spur of the moment (like whilst standing in a queue). The design of today’s wearables also makes gaming more enticing than on mobile, since players just see the information essential for a game and are not distracted by too many buttons.

On the other hand, gambling apps for wearables are a niche offering, with customers preferring to access online casinos and betting sites via desktop or mobile. Furthermore, because there are so many proprietary operating systems other than watchOS and WearOS, it is difficult for casino operators to build for all of them. Individual models vary significantly within the same manufacturer: some feature circular screens, while others have angular panels or a combination of mechanical and digital display parts.

The quality of slot games is improving

Slot machines are constantly a part of gaming trends. Because slots are the most popular online casino game, they attract a lot of attention. With hundreds of prominent game developers working hard to improve the gaming experience, slot experiences continue to improve. The gameplay will change over time, but slot games are now fully developed. That makes it challenging to develop fresh methods to alter the experience significantly.

Apps are becoming better, but they’re still basically simply repeating the same games with different themes. The casino games industry is expected to continue to be dominated by recycling.

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