Courtesy of Valve

The cosmetic trade is hailed upon as something which is quite a good way for making easy money. The basic way of earning money is by buying cosmetics when they are cheap in the marketplace and then selling them later. Some cosmetics are known to fetch a lot of money on the market, which is extremely rare for a variety of reasons – the most impertinent reason being that its most reasonable source has been removed. One of the best examples of this would definitely be the M4A4 Howl from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a “contraband” quality item that sells for a fortune. Valve has stopped people from acquiring it because of a glitch – and now the total number of Howls in the world is constant, making it insanely high priced.

Valve was the first company to kickstart a game economy on their client. Skin drops as well as item drops from crates are marketable entities that have a market value associated with them. Rarer the item more is its value. Valve’s model was used by a few thousand games with cosmetics to fully capitalize on the adrenaline rush to find the rarest items possible. It’s an ingenious way to boost their revenues to levels never examined before – a tried and tested method.

The money earned by ‘traders’ in this ‘occupation’ is surprising – almost as much as the people who bought in earlier into the bitcoin rush. The money involved is in the thousands, even millions. The only alternative way of making this money is in the gold mines – errr… casinos – of Las Vegas and elsewhere. (But of course, they will be closed right now. Online gambling is a much safer bet now. Check out http://johnslots.com/en/jackpot-slots/). Casinos are the traditional way of going rich or going home – as long as one knows when to put down their cards. You can’t always be a winner – sometimes the dealer’s too clever to outwit, sometimes Saturn gets in the way of your good fortune.

Be it cosmetics, be it stocks, or crypto or simply gambling – striking it big is difficult, often implying the involvement of a certain amount of ‘vices’ (as long as it’s ‘considerable’, no one bats an eye) is involved. The last time big money was involved was way back during the Gold Rush when few out of thousands came back with fortunes from the West of the New World – and the thrill decided to stay put. 


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