Founded in 1997, GamCare is a leading site in the UK for advice and information regarding gambling problems. You can find its logo on almost all the UK’s betting websites. Occasional gambling is full of thrill, and we generally do not pay attention to our habits unless it becomes an addiction.

The gambling sites registered with the Gambling Commission of the UK require a mandatory partnership with GamStop. Such sites have to follow specific rules and regulations to keep the well-being of the players in check.

GamCare is an independent charity that extends its support to addicted gamblers, irrespective of their age. It also sets Safer Gambling standards obtained by gambling operators across the UK after proving their conformity with the responsibility standards. These norms are developed after 20 years of experience and studies in this field.

You can find many known platforms today enrolled with GamStop. This step benefits the gambling addicts but, on the other hand, obstructs the other gamblers from accessing the best casino games online.

How Does GamCare Work?

GamCare provides certificates to the responsible gambling business owners who stand on their prescribed responsibility standards. When you are registering on an online gambling website, you can search if GamCare verifies them. The charity furthermore also extends its services in the form of helpline numbers, self-assessment tests, informative leaflets, and online treatments.

Improving your financial conditions is a crucial driving force behind people who gamble. At GamCare, you can learn effective ways of managing your finances. The “talk to us” initiative helps affected people address their issues and advise them about recovering from financial crises.

You need not be the individual who is going through the problem. To receive GamCare services, anyone related to the suffering individual can reach out for help.

GamCare ensures that your condition and personal details are kept confidential at all times. You can choose not to answer questions or stay anonymous on helpline calls.

As GamCare is an independent initiative, it works on donations, grants, and funds. Some of its significant Funders are GambleAware,, and RET recipients. Donations by individuals also contribute significantly towards the development of the services rendered by GamCare.

Difference Between GamCare And Non-GamCare Sites

The gambling businesses accredited by GamCare are recognized as the ones who have installed sufficient safety measures for their users. These sites are contributors to GamCare and related services and have proved their social responsibility through protection policies.

GamCare recommends addicted individuals use self-exclusion services like GamStop, Gameban or install blocking software on their devices to minimize gambling-related harms. As it is an advisory platform, it does not provide a ban from gambling sites but only recommends taking steps to keep their betting habits in check.

However, there are plenty of popular non-GamCare casino operators at for UK players that don’t have access to UK-based companies but don’t have any issues and want to play again. Although non-GamCare casino sites don’t follow the standards laid by Gamcare, they are licensed by other authorities and still provide a top-notch experience for their customers.

In any way, it is safer to play on sites that GamCare recognizes to avoid dire consequences. If you are worried about the lack of variations and quality on such sites, be assured, there are many reputable sites with international publicity accredited by GamCare. You won’t be missing out on the enjoyment.

How To Ask For Advice?

GamCare operates through a wide range of contact channels to help a person who requires advice. You can reach out to them via the National Gambling Helpline, which is a call away and free of cost.

You can also opt for their therapy and treatment services. These sessions are available for groups of individuals as well and could be provided through a phone call, online or in-person.

If you seek support regarding another individual who is going through gambling issues, GamCare offers Daily Chatrooms and Forums to take up your cause. Here, you can talk to experts and get advice on the problem and talk about the measures which could be useful.

If you plan on quitting gambling or searching for a long-term solution, the GameChange Course might be the perfect therapy for you. With this course’s help, which stretches over a series of eight-weeks, you can conveniently get over the gambling addiction and receive regular support from GamCare experts.


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