Online casinos are big business in numerous parts of the globe, and their popularity is pushed by massive investments pumped into advertising. Over the years, gambling platforms have established many ways to run their adverts, and affiliate programs have proved to be the most effective. Media, exhibitions, PPC, and other offline platforms are fruitful in drawing in clients to try out a variety of services such as the online slot machines in Casino Vulkan. However, none of them is as functional as affiliate networks when their outcomes are put up against other advertising approaches. This piece assesses the purpose of affiliate programs and how they function to direct traffic to gaming sites. 

The Functioning of Affiliate Programs

Affiliate networks partner with online gambling clubs to run advertisements for the products that they table on their websites. The programs receive payment by directing traffic to the casinos. Therefore, affiliate networks serve as middlemen working to connect gamblers with gambling dens that would meet their needs. This mode of advertising was first used in e-commerce and has since spread to other industries, even outside of the gaming realm. 

Casino affiliates mostly function as small-time firms that stand independently from online casinos but depend on the partnerships they form with them to generate income. These networks are mainly run by gamers who are passionate about the practice or full-on marketing agencies. Either way, they serve similar purposes of marketing casino products. Gambling establishments usually opt to use multiple of these websites so that they can drive as much traffic to their site as possible. They diversify on the adverts that are run to ensure that they inform gamblers of each product that they offer in detail. Each of these websites features a distinct link that helps track the gamers they are directing to the casino site.

Becoming a Casino Affiliate

The process of joining the affiliate team of an online casino is as easy as registering to become one of their players. These programs are found in nearly every online casino considering their dependency on the marketing front and the success they have showcased over the years. When looking to become an affiliate, the process is as follows:

  • Open the gambling club’s official website. Like with games and bonuses, the access to affiliate registration is restricted to a casino’s site.
  • Launch the affiliates program page, which is usually located at the bottom of most casino pages next to other links like Terms and Conditions, Responsible Gambling, etc. 
  • Enter the requested details and sign up.

Before entering a partnership with a gambling den, parties are advised to sift through the terms and conditions of being an affiliate. That way, they can avoid being blindsided in future with stipulations that are only favourable to the casino. Registering to become a casino affiliate is free with no fees being applied. All one has to do is enter some valid information like their full name, email address, and banking information, which will be used when making payments. 

Once this procedure is complete, one is granted a distinct link that they can use in any way to drive traffic to the site. In most cases, affiliates choose blogs since they serve as the most convenient platforms to deliver information about a gaming site while including a link that can be used to access it. Other parties use popups and advertisement banners that can be found on any website, even if it is not related to the gambling business. The rate of success as an affiliate network depends on the site’s ability to understand the market’s appetite and find ways to feed it while advertising the casino. A key element here is to ensure that the information provided on the gambling website is truthful so as to gain the trust of gamblers and establish reputability.


Online casinos offer different modes of payment for affiliate sites to receive their dues depending on the gamblers they send them. Various methods are offered from one casino to the other, and some of those that can be spotted include:


  • Revenue share


With this payment model, affiliate programs receive a portion of the revenue that is gained from the traffic they direct to the site. Therefore, the more players visit the casino through the affiliate website, the bigger the payments they receive. Usually, revenue share payments are provided monthly. This option is normally the most opted for since parties get paid even if punters do not take any action in the casino. 


  • CPA


Cost Per Acquisition is a model that pays affiliates depending on the persuasive nature that pushes gamblers to perform an action in the gaming site. It can be simply creating an account or claiming an offer. 

The Bottom Line

Affiliate programs demand dedication to ensure that one can grasp the attention of gamblers and direct them to a gambling den. In some cases, these programs go as far as offering free to play games and bonus codes.