Gamification in online casinos across the US is on the rise. Currently, the casinos are using different techniques to gamify the experience of their customers. The aim of this is to give users the best possible experience when placing bets on sports or casino games on their websites.

The techniques that casinos use to gamify the gaming experience of their customers keep them entertained. Confining gamers to the usual sports and casino games betting can get boring. So, casinos have come up with this strategy to make gaming more engaging.

Mission-based Accomplishments

Perhaps the leading type of gamification present in a majority of casinos is mission-based achievements. The concept is almost similar to role-player video games where players compete against each other.

The competitions come in different versions, including tournaments, trophy hunts, and missions. This type of gamification is adventure-packed since most of the competitions require players to help the protagonist complete different quests.

In return, they unlock new levels, and at the end-point, the winners get exclusive prizes. The best online casino USA according to gives you these bonuses without asking for wagering requirements. That way, you can cash out your rewards instantly.


Online casinos often organize tournaments open to all players to participate. Players have to wager a certain amount on games a casino specifies enter into these tournaments. For instance, a casino may organize a slots tournament with minimum qualifying bets of $100.

In such a scenario, you have to spend at least $100 to enter this particular tournament. Participating players are expected to continue to place real money bets to collect points that determine their position.

At the end of a tournament, gets the prize identified by the casino at the start. There are numerous tournaments out there, with the details of each tournament being different in casinos. The beauty of it is that casino games are much simpler to play than your average console games. As such, you can get into these tournaments as long as you have some money to wager.

Missions and Adventures

With every bet, you place in a casino running a mission; you collect points that enable you to unlock new levels. To accumulate more points, players need to wager real money often. The higher you wager, the more points you collect.

For every level you unlock, you collect different prizes, with the rewards getting better as you unlock additional levels. Besides their rewarding nature, they give gaming a fun twist as you strive to be among the best.

In some casinos, you’ll come across the term quests instead of missions. They refer to the same thing and have a similar mechanism; to unlock levels. Missions are a great way to give you an adrenaline rush in online casinos.

Leader boards

Present in most casinos in the US, leader boards work similarly with tournaments. In fact, in some casinos, the two terms are used concurrently. In the case of leader boards, casinos run competitions with a ranking system.

Most games are applicable in this and the casino gets to choose the ones that will apply for each competition. The psychology behind leader boards is intelligent. Let’s say, you are crossing your fingers hoping to get to position one because you have finally made it to number two.

There is no way, you will go back and let yourself sink back to lower positions, right? You will wager more money to try your luck at beating the leading player. In essence, this aspect of gamification offers you some extra motivation, which is a clever way for the casino to make your gaming fun.

Social Media Sharing

The influence that social media has on our daily lives media can never be overrated nor overemphasized. There are several social media platforms on the internet today. Hence, it’s not a new thing to find casinos that allow gamers to access their player account through social media.

┬áSome casinos go as far as permitting as well as encouraging their customers to share their gaming progress with friends, family, and strangers through the social media sharing feature. Of course, allowing players to share their progress via social media is great for gamification and for promoting the casinos’ brands.

VIP Programs

Online casinos have created a reward system through which they gift their loyal customer’s unique prizes. Players who deposit and wager often qualify for this VIP treatment. In some casinos, you may become a VIP when you make your first deposit.

You join the lowest level and then progress up as your gaming activities in the casino increase. For other casinos, you must have wagered a certain amount or accumulated a given number of points to become a VIP. In others, the casino invites you when they feel you qualify to be a VIP.

Through these loyalty programs, you get benefits like regular free spins, no deposit bonuses, cashback, and personalized customer service. Some gift you birthday treats or better, a fully paid trip. You have to be at the highest VIP level to be eligible for the latter.

Cashback Bonuses

Casinos give their players offers in different forms and amounts. The cashback bonus is an offer that is gradually gaining popularity in online casinos that are seeking to gamify the experience of customers.

With cashback bonuses, casinos return a percentage of the money you lose as free cash. For example, if a casino is offering a 10% cashback on losses not exceeding $100, it means that if you bet and lose maybe $80, you’ll get back $8.

Usually, the cashback percentage ranges between 10% and 20% in the majority of online casinos. More so, for a cashback to apply, you must not have won any money from games eligible for the offer.

No Wager Offers

Although casinos have exciting bonus offers that players look forward to, many don’t get to enjoy them as they would like. While the whole idea behind bonuses is to boost players’ bankroll and make gaming enjoyable most of these offers don’t live to that expectation.

The casinos tie these bonuses to rather bizarre wagering requirements, making some gamers opt-out. Some prefer not to claim the bonuses since they feel it would be hard to meet these terms. Nowadays, a good percentage of casinos have started offering no wager bonuses.

The offers have friendlier terms considering that in case you make some money from them, you can cash out immediately. This concept ensures even low-rollers can enjoy bonuses without overstretching their budgets to meet wagering terms.


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