Online Casino
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The online casino industry has been around for over 20 years now. Microgaming claims to have developed an online casino software as early as the year 1994, but it was in 1996 when the first online casino called InterCasino was launched.

It didn’t take long before more casinos and gambling platforms popped out on the internet.  Online casino games have also improved a lot. Back then, online casinos would look like those old-school card games that you play with your old computer. It looked plain and a bit boring. It’s definitely far from how things are in land casinos.

However, thanks to technology, online casino games have completely evolved and could almost make you feel as if you’re in an actual casino. Table games like Blackjack and Poker can now be played with live dealers, while modern casino slot games are available in different varieties. 

Technology has played an important part when it comes to how the online casino industry has changed in the past two decades. Here are some ways that technology has improved the casino gaming experience of the people online.

  • Mobile Technology

Online casino gaming has started with personal computers back then as this was what everyone used in the 1990s to connect to the internet. The rise of mobile technology just really made online casino gaming easier to access.

Nowadays, you can play any casino game anywhere you are with your laptop, tablet, or smartphone as long as you have internet access. Gaming software developers are now looking at developing games that are compatible with other mobile devices like smartwatches. 

The rise of mobile technology also broadened the reach of the online casino industry. There are over 4 billion people who are on their mobile devices and now, online casino operators can easily reach that many people 

  • Game Variety

If you really want to experience variety in the games that you play, then playing online is the way to go. You can easily access hundreds of real money gaming sites and these sites would offer hundreds and even thousands of games for you to play.

Traditional casino games are still available for you to play but if you feel like changing things up a bit, then this shouldn’t be a problem. A game of blackjack now comes in different varieties and titles. There are also hundreds of online slot machine games that you can choose from. It’s just really hard to get bored from playing online casino games these days.

  • Live Casino Games

A few years ago, you can only play table games like poker and blackjack with computers or software. This means that your opponents or the dealers you face are programs and not humans. However, this has changed and many online casinos are now offering live casino games.

Live casino games are the ones wherein you can play with live dealers and players. It’s just like you’re sitting in front of a dealer and you can interact with others. Online casino gaming used to be a non-social activity, but because of this, interactions with dealers and other online players are now possible.

  • Payment Options

Over the years, online casino operators have added more options that are ideal for their players. The use of credit or debit card like Visa and MasterCard is still pretty common, but there are now many ways for you to be able to make a deposit to your gaming account and to withdraw your winnings.

Aside from transacting with your bank information, you can also use digital wallets like Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal. These are safer options for many because these platforms serve as an additional protection when it comes to making transactions.

The use of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and many others more is also becoming more popular. This is a great way for many gamblers to keep their identities and just really be able to transact faster and smoother.

  • Security

At first, people were really hesitant about playing casino games or real money games online. This has always been the case with anything brick and mortar that then moved to the online platform. For sure, at some point, you’ve heard many horror stories when it comes to making transactions online.

However, it’s generally safe now to transact with online casinos. These websites would use data encryption that would not allow other people to access your information. Casino sites would also use security systems that online banks would use to protect the information of their customers.

Definitely, there still are many fraudulent activities that would happen online, but it’s now easier to spot websites that are just fishy. Just always make sure that you’re dealing with a licensed and reputable online casino.