Is it Still Possible to Try Major Game Releases for Free?


Anyone who played video games through the early ’00s and before will know that video game developers were more than willing to let you try their games for free. This was before the internet-dependent consoles of today, with demo discs often coming from magazines or from friends being the best ways to try out a whole range of new games, including some of the biggest releases of the year.

But those demo disc days are long gone now, with many developers just outright not bothering to offer players the chance to try before they buy. There are a few exceptions on the two primary home consoles of this game generation, with indie games and most of the sports titles offering demos but, when it comes to being able to truly test out the very best games available, two platforms offer the best ways to try major games for free.

The first is Nintendo. The Nintendo Switch, which continues to soar in sales, has continued to please its fan base with a huge range of triple-A exclusive titles, triple-A ports, a stacked library of innovative indie games, and its huge demo offering. The second is that of the online casino gaming platform. These gaming websites took the idea of the demo and a limited window to experience a title and added another level, one which could potentially result in the bonus play turning into a real-money withdrawal.

Nintendo loves offering free demos

Nintendo Switch
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The Nintendo Switch has very quickly won over gamers of this generation of consoles. Very much a latecomer to this console war, the Switch is closing in on Xbox One unit sales, with the upcoming release of the mini handheld version, the Nintendo Switch, set to propel the Switch even further. The Switch boasts a tremendous range of exclusives and high-quality indie games, but one of the most appealing factors of gaming on the console is that fact that Nintendo list so many of their games with a demo.

It’s a common theme across Nintendo devices, but on the Switch, you can get free downloadable demos for major titles like ARMS, Pokken Tournament DX, Yoshi’s Crafted World, Octopath Traveler, Pokemon: Let’s Go, Dragon Quest Builders 2, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, Happy Birthdays, Fitness Boxing, and hundreds more. As Nintendo games famously don’t depreciate in value, offering demos for their games is an important element that gamers appreciate as they get to have a good run in the game before committing $60 to a title.

Online casinos add more meaning to their demos

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Online gambling is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for people to play games worldwide. It has been predicted that the global iGaming market will surpass $123.5 billion by 2026. There is an incredibly high level of competition between websites, which has forced them to offer ways for players to claim bonuses and try all of their games, including their biggest new slots.

Billed as bonuses, these function in a very similar way to demos; the players get a set amount of bonus playing money for free in some of the latest casino bonuses, or after a deposit, to then use on playing games. Free spins allow players to try out a selection of the online casino’s most popular slot games, but the matched deposit bonuses give players the chance to play almost any casino games, which includes the latest slots. The added perk of this form of a demo is that if the bonus money earns a return, players can play through wagering requirements to try to turn it into a real-money withdrawal.

Nintendo consoles and online casinos are still big believers in letting players try out their games, with demos of their biggest games and bonuses to grant additional plays on the newest and most popular online casino games proving to still be popular with players.

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