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Kaiji is an anime character who becomes a victim of marketing based on emotions. He had lost his job and started messing around until a false inspector caught him and made him sign a contract that would change his life forever.

The character’s whole story is not irrelevant, but we will save it for another time because now we will only talk about the first four games he had to play to save himself.

Restricted Rock, Paper, Scissors

This is the first game that Kaiji has to play on his first night at Espoir. The average survival rate is 50%, and the game lasts 4 hours. The more time they spend in the game, the more debt they collect.

Each player receives four cards of each hand and three stars. When a player loses the game, they also lose one star; in the case of a tie, no one loses anything. All players must use all their cards, and if they don’t, they lose.

The losers will become enslaved to pay off their debt and compound interest, and their fate will be worst than death.

How did Kaiji win?

He first tries to team up with one other player and play ties so they can keep their stars. It turns out that Joji Funai tricked him and took two of his stars. Kaiji teamed up again with other players and discovered he could use psychology to convince people with many cards to give him some.

After he gets the cards, he sells the cards for stars to the people with no cards left. Kaiji proceeded to come up with multiple tactics and trust people by giving them stars and saving them; this was a mistake he learned the hard way. Ultimately, he saved himself by stealing something precious from another soon-to-be enslaved person.

Steel Frame Crossing

The second game is even more hardcore yet more straightforward than the first one, and Kaiji offers to be in the first group. There are 12 people and four metal frames to crossover at a 30 meters height. The only way to finish was to push the other contestants in front of you.

Kaiji didn’t finish first but was not eliminated. The winners receive a ticket, and they can exchange it by crossing a second bridge. This one is smaller, and they didn’t have to push each other, but the frame was electric, so if someone were touching it, it would get electrocuted and fall to a painful death.

Kaiji was the winner and the only survivor; his reward was a challenge to the next game and money.


This game is played with 6 cards. One stands for Emperor (rarely replaced by a Slave card), and the other stands for Citizens. The card with the Emperor is the strangers. The rare Slave card will only beat the card with the Emperor. The Citizen card beats the Slave card.

Kaiji played the game against the master who manipulates this company that gambles with people’s lives and debts. He lost the game but won a large amount of money.

Tissue Box Raffle

In this last game of the first part of the series, Kaiji is the one who challenges the actual mastermind, the President of the company. The game is similar to a lottery. Whoever draws the winning paper from the tissue box wins.

Kaiji created this simple game and thought about cheating, but the President added some extra rules, and both agreed to them. Regulations such as, if Kaiji loses, he loses his fingers, but if he wins, he will get enough money to get everyone out of debt. He loses the game, his fingers, and some money, but the next part will bring more confrontation and new asserts.

More Gambling Anime Series

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Why is Kaiji worth it?

Numerous animes talk about gambling, so why is Kaiji everyone’s favorite? The way the story is told is different from your regular first-person tale. In his manga series, Nobuyuki Fukumoto portrayed Kaiji as an ordinary person with simple facial features and personality traits.

Our main character is a good person that trusts people too quickly and tries to help everyone when he can barely save himself. Moreover, the episodes are mysterious and make you swing between moods, so you get addicted easily to this gambling hell. A live-action movie and multiple gambling and video games followed the anime series.