Making money is difficult, even more so when it has to be from your passion. That’s why LinkedIn gurus say that work and leisure don’t go hand in hand. With a niche hobby like playing video games, it will be difficult to strike a productive bargain for the money. However, it’s not like options are running out for people wanting to make ‘gaming’ a career of sorts. Of course, it does mean one needs to put in more hard work than usual and might need quite a bit of upfront investment in quite a few cases.

There are risky methods, and there’s gambling. Sounds similar? Well, gambling is definitely one of the ways to make money (you can go check out a plethora of online casinos to play a few rounds in your free time. If you have issues figuring out where to play, may help – it’s a neat little site with casino reviews, promo codes such as Bet365 bonuskode). The question really is – how is gambling remotely related to gaming? Well, cosmetics have become quite a big thing in the gaming industry. Valve Corporation took one step further and made these cosmetics marketable. When virtual dresses for in-game characters get a price tag attached to them – you can be sure there will be a big market waiting to capitalize on that. Gambling and betting on these skins was quite the order of the day, with CSGO and DOTA 2 skins leading the charge. Starting small, you can make neat profits if you are lucky. This is perhaps the riskiest, yet the best way of earning a lot of money from your gaming habits in a short period of time.

There’s always the possibility that you like to be on the sidelines instead of the actions itself. Know a game inside and out? It’s better to share knowledge about it on blogs or pitch to international sites for picking up a contract as a writer. Get those writing skills monetized – you deserve some money for them! Freelance writing projects pay handsomely too if you can pick something up. There are a lot of websites in gaming that actually pay for freelance contributions – you can be a part of that!

If you’re more of a tech guy and want a more tech-oriented approach to getting into gaming, there’s nothing better than being a game developer yourself. Of course, this means spending quite some time and money in building up those programming skills before you are remotely capable of handling projects yourself (there are sites like Pluralsight, Udemy and Skillshare to help with that if you are interested). Once done, you need to start networking, find people recruiting developers as interns or freelancers to work on projects. Of course, if you are feeling confident, freelancing is always the better option. Building up coding and development skills followed by waiting for the right break with an internship or freelance project means that one needs the most investment here, even though it is time-tested to be the single most rewarding option of securing a foothold in the industry.

If you’re into multiplayer games and you think you are better than others, there’s nothing stopping you from taking a team and winning tournaments. Esports has enabled a lot of gaming fans to approach the industry with a newfound interest, and it is here to stay. There are a lot of sites hosting small tournaments – it’s always worth it to get into those and win your way to the top. Once that becomes too less of a challenge, take on bigger tournaments in the hopes of beating human-like droids who have been trained multiple times on the game’s mechanics – and find that this is one of the most difficult ways to earn money from your gaming habits. Most people play casually – and this isn’t a way out for the faint-hearted.