For most casino game enthusiasts, playing roulette is what comes to mind when you think about wheel games. However, many other entertaining games use the wheel to create games of chance.

Spinning the wheel creates a dramatic moment for players, where anything feels possible. The wheel’s tension also lasts a little longer than a dice roll or the turn of a card. Here are popular spinning-the-wheel games that are highly immersive to players.

Big Six Wheel

The Big Six Wheel is worth checking out at online roulette for real money at Joe Fortune for its simplicity. This trendy spinning-the-wheel game is prevalent in many American casinos, and it’s gaining popularity due to its simple rules and low wagering limits.

The game features a large vertical wheel with dollar signs and other symbols, with the players wagering on the symbol where it will stop. You’ll win different prizes if your predictions are correct, but the house edge for every option is around 10%. However, you can win huge as the dollar signs on the wheel include $1, $2, $5, $10 and $20, with each payout corresponding to a $1 bet.

Le Multicolore

An interesting French wheel game, Le Multicolore, brings together two popular games. This game features a roulette-like wheel set on a billiards table. This roulette-like wheel features 25 cups, with a single blue cup and six that are red, yellow, red, green and white each.

The blue cup is labeled number 24, and the other cups that are colored differently are distributed as follows:

– Two cups hold number two

– Three cups hold number three

– One cup holds number four

In this game, players bet by predicting where the ball lands. The croupier hits the ball with the cue and goes down the rail to the wheel. In the end, the ball will stand in a hole, and you’ll win if it lands in the color that you predicted. The cup number determines the payout.

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is arguably the biggest game show in the world. This wheel game has existed on American TV since 1975, allowing players to spin the wheel and win prizes while solving word puzzles.

While landing on prizes, Wheel of Fortune slowly reveals letters, and you can guess the remaining letters to solve it in a Hangman style. Its popularity has made it a mainstay in the casino landscape, existing as a slot game in many casinos. Players can also go into a bonus round where they can spin a wheel to win huge prizes.

Mega Wheel

Mega Wheel is an interesting gambling game developed by IGT. This five-reel slot game with twelve rows is available in many casinos, with the bonus rounds using a spinning wheel that resembles the Big Wheel used on “The Price is Right”.

Players can win prize multipliers, free spins or re-spins on the bonus wheel. There’s also an online mega wheel casino game created by pragmatic Play with the same mechanics of a spinning wheel.

Pole Chudes

A Russian version of the wheel of fortune, Pole Chudes has proven popular as a television show. However, Pole Chudes come with several notable differences. For instance, it gives the players clues on solving the puzzles present, and there are several bonuses on the wheel.

Players who fail to solve the puzzle present in the game can get eliminated. You’ll also get eliminated from a game round if you take the “buyout” prize. The “buyout prize” is usually a small compensation prize, but it’s better than nothing.

Spin a Win

Spin a win is another exciting money wheel casino game developed by Playtech. The wheel features 53 segments labeled 40,20,10,5,2 and 1, with two multiplier spaces. You can wager on the main game and make side bets on odds, even or multipliers. You’ll find 30 odd spaces and 21 even spaces on the wheel.