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If you like playing online slot machines or are new to the game, you may have heard the term RTP and wondered what it meant. Return to player (RTP) is an important element to consider if you are new to online gaming.

You may also wonder how online casinos can change RTP, or it if is even possible in the first place. There are a lot of other questions, but a basic understanding of the concept is what you need to be able to use this to your advantage. By gaining a deeper grasp of what defines a winning combination, you may play with greater confidence, boost your odds of winning, and manage your gaming budget. With knowledge about player RTP, you may make more informed judgments while designing games and adjusting to your RTP%. For trustworthy casinos we recommend picking something from the casinowhizz list which offer the best tested online casinos.

What is an online casino’s RTP?

Return to Player Percentage (RTP) refers to the proportion of money a player may expect to win when playing online slot machines. How is the sum arrived at? You are inherently inquisitive. The rewards a player receives from slot machine wins are expressed as a ratio or percentage.

RTP evaluates the likelihood of winning at a certain online slot machine based on previous wins. RTP is a probability measure that provides a player with an advantage over the house once he or she knows which slot machines to play. Because gambling is a high-risk activity, taking calculated risks is essential. Knowing which slots to choose might help you make a more informed decision when choosing a slot machine.

What is the difference between the house edge and the return to the player?

As stated earlier, the RTP is the proportion of a game’s total wagers that the casino returns to the player as winnings. The house edge is the proportion of total bets retained by the online casino or lost by the player. If the slot machine’s RTP is 96%, the house edge is 4%. The word is derived from the proverb “the house always wins,” which argues that although players can beat an online casino in the short term, the total amount wagered exceeds the total amount gained in the long run.

The difference between variance and the RTP

Any game’s variance and RTP are not the same. They are commonly mistaken, though. Despite their similarities, each possesses distinguishing characteristics. Variance describes how a game achieves its RTP. Lower variance slot machines are designed for tiny winnings, so you may be able to play for several spins before your bankroll is exhausted. However, because games with greater variance provide additional features with higher RTPs, you have a greater chance of landing a substantial win.

Can you win against the RTP?

The programming of your expectations will push you to seek out additional areas that yield greater returns more regularly. To improve your chances, you might play slot machines with higher RTPs. The benefits can also be used to increase your chances. In addition, if you play slots for lengthy periods, you will see that the RTP of the slots grows continuously. After the initial spin, the RNG will be shown.

While understanding the RTPs won’t make you a billionaire, it will enable you to play the slot machine intelligently and have a good impact on the game.


Mathematicians compute RTPs in a controlled atmosphere, and the results are reliable. Slots with a higher RTP are always favored by players, which makes sense given that they operate differently than slots with a lower RTP. Players seek higher RTPs because they want to increase their chances of winning more money.