Today we are going to discuss the biggest gambling trends that are currently active in Australia and New Zealand. Some of you believe that these are the same as in the rest of the world but they are not. Here the online gambling industry is a bit different and you can see the accent on other options rather than the same ones used in Europe, and etc. Yes, there are many online gambling sites and you can choose anyone you like to play as long as you want. Here we will discuss the popularity of these options. As always responsible gambling is mandatory and highly advised.


In the online casino industry slots are extremely desirable. Gambling is stunning due to the versatility of these options. Well, in Australia and NZ these are known as pokies. They are the same thing but they do come in massive numbers. The casino experience is at the highest level possible while playing these. All online casinos use these and some even offer these games and nothing more! Yes, mobile gaming is focused on poker as well. But, why this is a common option in these two countries? Well, pokies are more common here than anywhere else, and in Australia, there are more pokies than anywhere else.

These are available at all casinos. If you want to find the best one, make sure you check the review of the online casino real money NZ so you can learn more about all the elements of a site and what to expect. These reviews can help you get many perks and play longer, hence maximizing your winning odds.

Live Dealer Games

These are actually very appealing in these two countries but they are also desirable in other parts of the world. Live dealer games are a huge part of the online gaming industry. A player will be hosted by a professional dealer and he can get the latest technology available. In essence, you get the same or similar experience as you are at an actual establishment. This increases the appeal and helps players enjoy more via computers or mobile phones. Live dealers are more than just experts in this matter. The casino industry relies upon and invests heavily into making these options even more advanced and more realistic.

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Virtual Currencies

The online gambling world is changing as we speak. It becomes more sophisticated and more advanced. One of many reasons for that is the presence of virtual currencies. This is not a new feature but an important one. All online casino games can be played using this perk. Yes, you can even enjoy online sports betting or the gaming industry. The idea is to deposit funds in a stealth way, decrease fees and enjoy an added layer of safety. Casinos in Australia and New Zealand usually accept this payment option and new ones are added every single year. These have been with us for years and appeal has been growing ever since. Players like the ability to play the most popular online casino games using virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and many more. Keep in mind that special promotions are possible for players using this method and they are usually above average in value.

Mobile Phones

Almost 40% of people in Australia play a casino game every now and then. In the gambling industry, this has a huge market share. In other words, most users use a smartphone or a tablet to play on a daily basis. These devices are easy to use, you can play anywhere you like and you constantly get the newest features with each update. Some users even invest in gaming smartphones that are ideal for this purpose, especially if you want to enjoy a more advanced title.

It is worth noting that the same trend applies to all parts of the globe. Some experts even say that eventually, all gamblers will use a smartphone or a tablet to play. It is obvious if you think straight. Add the fact there are more and more smartphone users and you can see why this trend is advancing as we speak.

Virtual Reality

Yes, virtual reality is present here and comes in reasonably high numbers. Of all the new options, this is the most advanced one. An Australian user will wear his VR headset and be able to see the lobby, dealers, tables, and all the rest at the casino. He can play online all the time using this method and he can imagine that he is in a real establishment which is a nice advantage. The tech is advanced and you will want to know how it works before using it. The idea is to be at home and still enjoy all the options as you would in Las Vegas or any local establishment with these options. As the tech is advancing, we can see more options, better graphics and so much more. Of course, it will become more commonly used as well.


These were the newest and the most desirable online casino trends in Australia and New Zealand. You probably have been using all or at least a few of the options and you are planning to add others to the list. Anyway, these are the best and the main changes to the realm of gambling you can experience right now and you can enjoy without any questions asked. Pick the ones you like and start enjoying. An Australian will have a few of these new trends as a favorite and one as the top option. Keep in mind, new ones are coming as we speak.