Did you know there are more than a hundred versions of online blackjack? Most have subtle differences in the gameplay, such as rules concerning doubling, splitting, and surrendering. But some blackjack variations differ in more crucial ways. Here is a look at the most popular versions of blackjack that you can play online.

Live Blackjack

People from countries all over the world enjoy playing blackjack at online casinos. Not only can the rules of the game differ depending on your country and the version of blackjack you play. You can also play the card game online in a couple of different ways. You can either play a game of blackjack that uses algorithms and random number generators to determine the flip of the cards, or you can play the game at an online live casino in real-time with real croupiers. If you’re looking for a live casino, ideally you want to find one in the country that you are based in. For example, for someone based in or visiting Japan, playing ライブブラックジャック (live blackjack) is likely to be better on a local platform.


Whether you play live blackjack or an algorithm-based version of online blackjack, the rules of the game can change depending on the variation of the game you are playing. The game now widely known as blackjack first originated in Spain in the seventeenth century and it quickly spread to Germany, France, and Britain. Before it reached British shores, the game was known as vingt-un, or “twenty-one” in English. But it soon became known as pontoon in Britain, and it is still most commonly known by that name today. In pontoon, court cards are worth ten, ace cards score one or eleven, and pip cards score their face value.

American Blackjack

The name of blackjack emerged in the United States during the nineteenth century after the European version of the game made its way to America. Also known as classic blackjack, American blackjack is the most widely played version of the game online today. One of the key differences in American blackjack compared to European blackjack is the stage at which the dealer takes his hole card. In American blackjack, the dealer gets the card that remains face down before players make decisions concerning their own hands. Other features like splitting and doubling down also differ from the European version.

European Blackjack

Although there are variations of blackjack in European countries, there is also a standard game known as European Blackjack. Along with American blackjack, European blackjack is the most widely played online version of the game. In the European version, doubling down is limited and there are fewer splitting options. There are also rules that apply specifically to European blackjack. For instance, if the dealer gets blackjack, it beats any other twenty-one-value hand. The dealer must also stand on a soft seventeen.

Blackjack Switch

The main thing that sets blackjack switch apart from other blackjack games is players get two hands to play separately. Once you are dealt with the initial two hands, you have the option to switch the second cards dealt between the two hands, making for more exciting gameplay and broader play options.

Other Versions of Blackjack

As online casinos vie with each other for players, plenty of other variations of blackjack are now offered on web-based platforms, each of which has slightly different rules and chances of winning. Popular online blackjack versions include Atlantic City Blackjack, multi-hand blackjack, double exposure blackjack, single deck blackjack, perfect pairs blackjack, Spanish 21, and Super Fun 21. It is a good idea to watch others playing variations of blackjack on platforms like Twitch, so you can determine which form of online blackjack you will enjoy playing the most.


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