Quick play chess will drop you in the middle of a game and give you a challenge

Whether you’ve got five minutes to fill in the grocery line, at the doctor’s office, or on your bus to work, a game can feel like a saviour in these moments. However, there’s nothing more frustrating than getting stuck into a game and having to quit before you’ve finished, or at least before you can save. That’s where the quick play game comes into its own. The games we’ve explained below are not just super-fast to play, but they’ll also encourage your competitive spirit to come out. So, if you always play to win, even when you’re pressed for time, then you’re going to love these titles.

Online Blackjack

If you want to play at a legal online casino in PA then you’ll find plenty of games that are suitable for those with a competitive edge. If you enjoy going up against the dealer alone then Blackjack might suit you best. This game is quick to play, as a hand can be over in seconds. You need to get as close to 21 as possible, without going bust. Although it sounds simple, you’ll need to flex your mathematical muscles if you want to beat the dealer. Learning the best numbers to stick or twist on is essential, but if you really want to improve quickly then paying attention to the cards that your other opponents have is the key.

Real Racing 3

If you want not just a game that’s quick to play, but one that also relies on speed to win, then it doesn’t get much speedier than Real Racing 3. This game is regularly voted one of the best mobile games for a whole load of reasons that we’ll discuss now. Firstly, the graphics on this game are amazing. EA can always be relied on to really put the time into the artwork and it shows on this racing game. Often car-based games spend plenty of money and time on the still illustrations but tend to opt for low definition graphics during the actual gameplay. That’s certainly not the case with this game and it’s all the better for it. As well as great graphics, Real Racing 3 also has brilliant controls. This title’s two predecessors were still great games, but this one is much more sensitive, making it perfect for those wheel-skidding turns.


If you like the idea of a card game, but Blackjack doesn’t sound like your thing, then Hearthstone might be what you’re looking for. This brilliant game was developed by Blizzard and is available to play on Android and iOS. It is a turn-taking card game that allows players to build up an army of characters from the existing Warcraft series. The game uses the same elements as Warcraft, like the different elements, as well as relics, so if you’re well versed in that game then you’ll have a big head start here. With that said though, the gameplay is totally different, so everyone will be on a level playing field in that respect.

Online Chess

Another big favourite, much like Blackjack, is online chess. Although getting through an entire chess game can take hours (or even days!) a quick play chess game can be over in less than a minute. There are a lot of different applications for this option, so see which one suits you best. Try to look for an app that offers puzzle mode, as this is the sort of game that you can quickly complete. You might be tasked with finding the best three moves to get the opposition into check mate, or something similar. They’re a good brain workout and if you enjoy playing long chess matches then these short ones can be really helpful.