Regardless of how long you have been getting on sports, you can’t be 100% confident about selections. Sports betting is not an exact science. Although staking money on sports events should not be an income source, it’s always good when you can make profits from your bets. However, that is only possible if you can decrease the risk of losing as much as possible. The online sports betting market has evolved a great deal, and now the sector provides various tools and resources for punters. With the right tools, you can increase your chance of making decent profits from your bets. Some of these resources are available for free, while others are paid for. Below is a highlight of some of the top online sports betting tools.


Just because you are a novice bettor doesn’t mean that you have to struggle with the math involved. The market is packed with different kinds of calculators to help with various aspects of sports betting. Your needs will determine the most suitable one to get. A bet calculator helps you learn about the potential returns on particular selections. With a free bet calculator, you can easily decide between fractional, American, and decimal odds. A parlay calculator shows you what you can win when you wager on multiple selections. If you prefer Asian handicap bets, then there is a specific calculator for them. Back vs lay calculators help users decide whether to back or lay a selection at a betting exchange. Some other sports gambling tools include odds conversion, arbitrage, and hedging calculators.

Comprehensive News Sources

It might seem obvious, but some punters ignore the importance of up to date sports news. Whether you are gambling on football, boxing, or tennis, keeping up with current news is useful. For example, if a football club loses a key player due to a last-minute injury, then that could affect the odds of that team considerably. Bettors should ensure that they get sports news from unbiased, accurate, and updated sources.

Odds Comparison Sites

For the best profits, you have to find the most competitive odds. Each bookmaker and bet exchange out there advertise itself as having the best prices. So, you can’t take an operator at its word. However, checking the odds from one bookmaker to the next is not practical. With odds comparison websites, you get the necessary information without too much trouble. Objective comparison platforms display real-time odds from multiple sportsbooks. You can quickly check the prices for a particular selection and pick the operator with the most lucrative one.

Bet Analysis Tool

If you are an avid bettor, you should know when your bets are not serving you as they should. Even when making money is not your primary goal, it doesn’t mean that you need to keep making wagers that don’t pay off. However, comparing all your different bets and how they perform is tedious. Bet analysis applications come in handy in these situations. The took can review the performance of certain bets from a particular period. You can compare your ROI (return on investment) when betting a particular amount.

Tipping Tools

Tips are paramount in helping you craft informed decisions about betting selections. Punters have a broad category of tipping sources from which to choose. Some require payment, while others are free. Tippers are usually experts who provide their professional takes. Although you should not rely entirely on tips for your betting decisions, they can clear up some things and give you a better understanding of the situation. Ensure that you read 3-4 reviews by reputable tippers before making a decision.

Betting Data Analytics Tool

Online sports betting relies heavily on data. Bookmakers use the available information to develop their offerings. Punters can have the same advantage. A data analytics application does all the work, and you only have to leverage the results. The features present in a data analytics tool vary from one platform to the next. Some of the offerings to expect include odds tracking, bet optimizers, line analysis, future trends, and best bets.

Sports betting tools and resources can change how you gamble completely. You can easily find tools that improve your winning probability when betting on sports. Most of the available resources are compatible with hand-held devices, which is always a concern as mobile betting becomes more prominent. Punters only have to define their sports betting needs and find the most appropriate tools.


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