CSGO has been one of the games of the games that have been taking the world by storm. Being the successor of one of the most well-received modifications in video game history, CSGO was bound to find success within the gaming sphere – spreading far and wide, introducing more people to the FPS genre. The biggest change in CSGO came with an update that introduced purchasable cosmetics to the game. That opened the game up to even more people – an arguable decision since some only joined into milk the cosmetic rush and make the most of it. Cosmetics opened up possibilities far beyond one’s imagination – extending even to some of the hottest gambling dens on the internet (the only alternative of making a similar amount of money is by hitting a regular online casino – there are quite a few new casinos to check out) which made millionaires or paupers overnight.

Gambling became even more widespread as people spread the notion that it can be a ‘profitable’ way of ‘earning’ money. One could scour the Internet and come upon countless ways of playing CSGO as a way of earning money. Of course, these people were quick to discover the truth – that the actual wield from such endeavors was very less because of a biased ‘randomization’. In other words, one needs to put in quite a bit of money before they get some returns. Most people, in general, were averse to the thought of putting in additional money to get more returns, even though it increased the odds of getting something of value back.

The game started losing players rapidly with more regulations being brought in to decrease its influence on younger players. Most players did not know the consequences of putting in too much into the ‘wheel of luck’ – the result was an acute gambling addiction at an age which was alarming enough to make mainstream media stop discussing the value of the industry and start questioning its existence like it always did.