Video games blended with a chance element determining how much a player can win. Each action or event in the game is played out through individual bets which are totally independent of any previous or future bets. Unlike traditional slots, where a random number generator (RNG) determines the outcome, an algorithm determines the outcome of each bet based on both the player’s ability and the random element of chance in video game gambling machines (VGM). VGM’s is a new type of online casino game hoping to attract a new, younger generation of gamers and esports fans through the convergence of gaming and gambling.

The Premise of Video Game Gambling

The thought behind video game gambling is that young men and women over the age of 18 in India have grown up playing video games on their mobile phones, laptops, and gaming consoles. Through the years these players have got used to and require a certain level of interaction and skill input when they play games. Traditional online casino games, like slot games, are generally quite flat. In slot games, the player makes some minor adjustments to how much they would like to bet and then press the spin button, and the reels start spinning on the screen until all reels have stopped and the player can see if they won or not. There is zero skill involved, only chance and very little interaction in online slots games. This makes slots games an unlikely fit with experienced gamers who grew to play advanced games on a daily basis. The element of skill combined with a chance in video game gambling aims to bridge the gap between experienced gamers and online casinos.

The style of Video Game Gambling

VGM combines the fun and interactive elements of traditional video games with the thrill of gambling. Regular slot games only come down to chance, VGM combines elements of both chance and skill which allows players to gamble for real money while doing what they love, playing video games. The outcome of each bet is determined by an algorithm that looks at both the player’s ability and accounts for the element of chance. The style of gameplay in video game gambling range from more interactive style games such as action, fighting, racing, and sports games, to more casual styled games like puzzles. Video game gambling is still a new phenomenon in the online casino industry and the games are predominantly single-player games, the goal, however, is to expand and offer more and more multiplayer competitions and tournaments to provide a more social and competitive experience to players. One game title which aims to foray into the scene of VGM’s is from the long-standing, popular fighting series – Soulcalibur, with the game Soulcalibur II: Casino Edition. It remains to be seen if VGM’s will be embraced in Indian online casinos by Millennial and Gen-Z gamers.


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