The Scandinavian Choice: 3 Best Casino Games

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Casinos are extremely popular nowadays, even in the far region of Scandinavia. Countries such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, and Faroe Islands are all part of it. As one of the most interesting entertainment activities, players are fond of various casino games. People do actually populate both the brick- and-mortar establishments and online casinos. This is despite the restrictions imposed on them. It is mainly because of the ‘pay-and-play’ trend happening recently.

While still being highly regulated, casinos continue to be as thrilling as ever. Since there is a set of strict standards to follow, they always try to keep it fresh with the available games.

Birth of Gambling In Scandinavia

Fun fact. Did you know that one of the first-ever built casinos in the world was in Sweden? That was way back in the 17th century. Gambling has been part of the way of life of many Scandinavians for centuries now. No wonder, gambling has been a popular pastime for centuries.

Introduction of brand-new casino games happened in the 1960s. In time for gambling legalization. It continued to get into its strides in the 1990s. Though it was only in the 20th century that it exploded and gained fame among enthusiasts. Thanks to the rise of online casinos. They brought gambling closer to the people, literally and figuratively. With 2 million players, we expect this number to skyrocket with the new technology of mobile gambling.

Top 3 Casino Games Choice

With its roots running deeper, we are now aware of the relevance of casinos in the region. Be it land-based or online, a diverse range of casino games are available for playing. Let’s dive into the games that greatly excite many Scandinavians.


A total of more than 1 million slot machines currently reside in Scandinavia. Known as the game of chance, its appeal stretches worldwide. The Finnish and the Danes are among its fans. In Finland, the crowd favourites are Thunder and the Starburst classic slot machines as well as the video slots. While in Denmark, you can find the Mega Fortune and Starburst video slots.


Another favourite is this trendy game of Blackjack. There are 200,000 blackjack tables in the region. With the right combination of strategy, skills, and of course luck, you can dominate this card game. It is also mostly popular among the Swedish and the Danes.


Last but not the least is arguably the most well-liked card game in the industry. Available almost anywhere, Poker has been the go-to casino game of those in Scandinavia. You can actually play it in-person or via live dealer. What’s more, it has several variations to level up your poker gaming. Players can choose from Joker Poker, Deuces Wild, and many others. Because of its popularity in Sweden, Svenska Spel opened its doors for online poker games several years ago. You can visit Casinoutanspelpaus to check out casinos offering poker games.

One-Step At A Time

Scandinavians simply know how to have fun despite their small chance of winning. They just have a pleasant and welcoming attitude towards gambling. As the region continues to lift some restrictions, its casino industry will continue to thrive and flourish. Slowly but surely.

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