While relying heavily on chance and fate to determine the outcome of Crash games, players can develop certain strategies. Of course, no strategy in any game of chance is guaranteed to net profit. Nevertheless, we have listed several here you can tailor to approaching your crash gaming. Is it pure luck that gets certain users to the top of the leaderboard? Or is there something else that these successful gamers employ to improve their chances? By the time you have read these suggestions mentioned below, you will be able to answer that question for yourself. Not only that, but you might learn a new trick or two to give you an edge in your own Crash gaming.

Bankroll Limits

We all know that setting bankroll and betting limits is a critical first step, but it’s not just an exercise in prudence. Having a structured approach with timed interval limits can also help with your betting. Knowing how much you are willing to win and lose daily, weekly, or monthly will help you avoid going on tilt. This is a common gambling term that describes players betting recklessly after a big win or loss. Going on tilt is a sure-fire recipe for disaster which you can avoid if you have a well-formulated betting limit in place. It helps avoid throwing silly money after a loss to try and win the money back. It also avoids getting cocky after receiving a huge win. Celebrate big wins, and calmly forget the losses like the pros and your gaming sessions will thank you for it.

Auto Cash Out

This is the most obvious strategy and one that works for hand in hand with the previous point. Good quality Crash gaming sites like Rocketpot, allow players to engage auto cash out options. Some players, newbies especially, can easily get caught up in the excitement of the game and lose their emotional control. Auto cash out is perfect in this scenario. Players can select a level, say x1.5, and the game will always cash out for them when the curve hits that level – as long as it hasn’t crashed before then of course. Like the auto spins option with slots, auto cash outlets players kick back and relax and let the game do the work for them.

Advanced Betting Techniques

There are a huge number of betting techniques available for players to experiment with. A quick google search will list thousands of results. The vast majority have been developed for more traditional betting situations and may not translate over to Crash gaming so well. One popular technique that is relatively easy to implement is the anti- Martingale system. It revolves around the concept of hot and cold streaks. Players adopting this method, increase their bets after wins in the hope of being on a hot winning streak. While loses are followed by a decrease in bet level in case they are on a run of losers. It’s tricky and will take self-control, so this method is only recommended to more experienced players.


At the end of the day, playing Bitcoin Crash games is all about fun, and making a profit. It is easy to get swept up in the emotion of wins, loses, and seeing all the potential right on the screen. If you can remain composed, formulate limits and strategies you stand a better chance of maximising your enjoyment, and with luck, the wins will follow.


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