Which Will Be the Hottest Games This Winter?
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With the days getting shorter and the nights getting longer, more of us will retreat inside to enjoy our fall and winter hobbies. For some, this might mean baking warm tasty treats in the kitchen, for others the colder and darker months are a great time to snuggle up on the sofa and enjoy some great movies.

For fans of gaming, the final few months of the year are the best for gaming. It’s not just because they will have more opportunities to do what they love, either. During the fall and winter, many video game publishers release their biggest titles.

In the coming weeks and months, fans will be treated to the latest instalments of EA’s FIFA and Activision’s Call of Duty, with a second free-to-play version of CoD following shortly afterwards.

But the winter isn’t just a time for playing new games. Many players will turn to the trusty titles that have served them well for many seasons. Therefore, this winter the hottest games will be a mix of both old and new.

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V turns nine years old in September, but it remains a firm favourite among players. In addition to the vast open-world single-player mode, Rockstar Games have developed a living breathing online multiplayer world that is always offering something new for players to try, even after almost a decade.

Over the years, Rockstar has pushed out updates that have added a lot of new functionality to the game, including single-seater racing, car parkour, heist missions, and even a casino resort complete with suites.

July 2022 saw a major update titled GTA Online: The Criminal Enterprises that added new missions, new business options, and more in-game career advancement routes. On top of this, the update features new cars, collectibles, and a range of special events.

This has been followed by a range of minor updates that are likely to continue throughout the winter, keeping fans entertained right through to spring.

Which Will Be the Hottest Games This Winter?
Source: Unsplash


GTA V might be nine years old but that’s embryonic compared to roulette. This is a game that has been played by people from all over the world for several centuries.

The game is almost identical today to how it was when it was first created, though there have been several rule variants created over the years as casinos look to appeal to a wider audience. This is why you will see both American and European versions on offer in most casinos, along with high roller and other specialist options.

These variants sometimes change the number of pockets on the wheel, increase the wagering limits, or create new side bets to add a different challenge to players.

It’s this variety that helps roulette to remain one of the most popular casino games, centuries after it was first created. And with the convenience of playing from just about anywhere, it will be a big hit this winter.


Earlier this year, Electronic Arts announced that it was ending its decades-long relationship with FIFA. But while it was cutting ties with the global governing body for football, it wouldn’t be cancelling its popular video game.

Instead, after the 2022 release, it would simply be renamed.

FIFA 23 will, therefore, be the final FIFA game from the company. For some, this will be reason enough to buy and play it, as they mark the end of an era.

Early leaks of the game also suggest it will be bigger and better than ever too, with upgraded features, enhanced graphics, and new elements in its Ultimate Team and Career modes.

Most notably in 2022 will be the inclusion of Women’s Club Football for the first time, bringing parity to the men’s and women’s games.

After the women’s World Cup helped to create a new wave of excitement about female football, it’s likely that FIFA 23 will enjoy a sizeable uptick in demand as these fans look to play this historic title.