Top 10 Best gadgets to buy for your son this Christmas

Tick, tick, tock. The clock is ticking, and Halloween is nearing. It's probably too late to think about your son's Halloween get-up but it definitely isn't for...

Razer’s noise-canceling wireless earbuds; Where to buy?

In the RazerCon 2022 organized recently by Razer, several new gaming technologies were unveiled. Along with other products like the new Raze Edge handheld gaming console and...
Latest news about Sony PS5 restock, Where to buy

Latest news about Sony PS5 restock, Where to buy?

One of PS5's biggest exclusives, God of War Ragnarok, is just a month away from release. Ahead of it, PS5 shipments to the US have soared by...

Where To Buy WoW Classic Wotlk Items

This is an advertorial and no part of the article was edited by the Spiel Times team. World of Warcraft has rejuvenated its golden roots with the upcoming...
Cyberpunk 2077 x Nvidia 4090

Cyberpunk 2077: How to win the Custom NVIDIA RTX 4090?

Okay, after a tweet from CD Projekt Red, fans have been looking for clues for a specific code (to win this awesome RTX 4090) that the devs...
God of War Ragnarok gets DualSense Controller - Is it worth it + How to pre-order - Cover Picture

How to pre-order God of War: Ragnarok DualSense Controller?

If Hogwarts Legacy is getting its own PlayStation-exclusive quests, Sony made sure to celebrate God of War: Ragnarok's launch with its own DualSense controller. With limited edition...

Sony PlayStation 5 Restock List, Countries + How to pre-order?

Alright, back to PlayStation 5 news update. There have been here and there updates or rumors about Sony PlayStation 5 models. So currently, we are waiting for...
Sony PlayStation5 CFI-1202, all we know, where to buy

Sony PlayStation 5 CFI-1202; All we know so far + Where to buy?

PlayStation peeps, we got some things that came up. Recently, we talked about the newest Sony PlayStation5 1200 model, and now we're here again to discuss Sony...
Sony PlayStation 5 Detachable Disk Drive

Sony PlayStation 5 will soon feature a Detachable Disk Drive, but why?

Sony PlayStation news? We got you. If you're waiting for the restock of the Sony PS5, let's talk first about the potential new feature. It is believed...

Sony PlayStation 5’s Most Outrageous Prices, Ranked

If you find the $499 Sony PlayStation 5 expensive as heck, there's more! And since you are here, we'll give you a laugh (or nervousness) at the...