Sony PlayStation 5 What is Project Leonardo + Where to buy - Cover

Sony PlayStation 5: What is Project Leonardo + Where to buy?

Sony has just announced that Project Leonardo is coming soon for gamers on the PlayStation 5. Not to be confused with Spartacus, which turned out to be...

Morphe Makeup closing; Here’s why

The world of cosmetics is not that shiny decorated when one of its leading retailers has to pack up and simply close all its physical outlets. Yes,...

Epic Games Store Free Games this January 2023

The recent controversies surrounding Epic Games and Fortnite will not even barely touch their touche of distributing free games at the end-of-the-year sale. Or put more accurately,...
Verizon Razer Edge 5G - Specs + Where to buy

Verizon Razer Edge 5G – Specs + Where to buy?

Is anyone up for an upgrade? A real-deal upgrade of a gaming device, or maybe this may help you decide. Verizon’s Razer Edge 5G, a beaut with...
New Sony PlayStation 5 model coming soon - What we know so far - Cover

New Sony PlayStation 5 model coming soon – What we know so far

Sony has been teasing a new PlayStation 5 model coming soon and gamers are more than excited to learn more all about it. There have been numerous...

New Sony PlayStation 5 model in 2023: Everything we know so far

With plenty of exciting new game titles to play, a new era of PlayStation VR, and much more, Sony looks set to extend its streak of success...

Fortnite’s creator Epic Games sued for $520 million; Explained

In what seems to be the biggest Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) violation, EPIC Games are sued and will now pay a whopping $520 million as...

What is the current Anti-Vax and Pro-Vax debate about?

The recent FDA claims that Pfizer Vaccine can cause blood clotting in the elderly has once again stirred many. The anti-vax and pro-vaccine debate has continued for...

Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Tied to Blood Clotting – Is it true?

Medical technology such as the latest mRNA vaccines has never in history been prescribed so early as to the onset of disease transmission. Initially, only Johnson and...

MrBeast x Fortnite – How to win the Million dollars?

You may have googled How to win million dollars Fortnite and the answers may have been not good enough. Something like a Money Heist or Ocean's Eleven...