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The Hidden (Yet Visible) World of CSGO Gambling

It is no secret that CSGO has been making it big in the gaming industry. Valve has been pumping big money to make CSGO a big thing...

Latest CSGO Patch Didn’t Fix Wall Hack Bug

CS: GO players were waiting for a new release that could fix an issue with the game, and a new patch has been released only a few...

The Gambling Dens of the CSGO World

CSGO has been one of the games of the games that have been taking the world by storm. Being the successor of one of the most well-received...
Are League of Legends LOL Servers Down? August 18, 2020 Complete Update

Are League of Legends LOL Servers Down? August 18, 2020 Complete Update

League of Legends LOL servers are currently live. At the time of updating this article, it is 10:33 am PDT (GMT -7). There’s nothing much to worry...
League of Legends Ranked Down Easy Fix

League of Legends Ranked Down – Fix, Tricks, Guide [Solved]

Many League of Legends players are facing issues right now. This might be because of the latest patch or because the servers are too crowded at the...
samira league of legends

Samira League of Legends – Release Date, Abilities, and More

We know very little about Samira, the new leaked Champion. But recently, we got some new information. Here's everything you need to know about Samira League of...

Esports Betting Is Set to Become the Next Big Thing

Twenty years ago, if you had said that the biggest sport of the future would be played by teenagers in their bedrooms and streamed live to homes...
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Is 2020 the Year For eSports Betting to Shine?

The first eSports event took place back in 1997 and since then the industry has come a long way. Gradually, the interest came from more than just...
Esports Betting

Exploring the Esports Betting Scene in India

Esports has rapidly grown in popularity in India, as the availability of the Internet has improved across the country. This has led to the creation of some...

Will Valorant Release On Consoles?

Valorant is the hottest game on PC right now. And with Riot releasing new content and in-game items frequently, it will stay on its position for months...

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