Esports Betting

Best Esports betting sites: Where to wager on LoL, Dota 2 and more

The increased popularity of Esports in recent years has coincided with the rise of online gambling, and the two are now synonymous with one another as betting...
Dota 2: How to Support Like a Professional - Guide

ESforce Holding’s First-Ever Dota 2 Tournament in Russia

E-sports tournaments have traditionally been held in the Western and Asian countries, with the CIS region lagging behind in the e-sports competition development. But in 2019, things...

Blitzchung Issues Public Statement Regarding Blizzard Controversy

Hearthstone professional player Ng 'Blitzchung' Wai Chung has offered an official statement following Blizzard's change of heart about their decision to ban him from competitive play. This...

Hearthstone Influencer Brian Kibler Vows to Stay Away from Hearthstone Grand Masters “Till Stuff...

Hearthstone influencer and caster extraordinaire Brian Kibler has openly stated his decision to stay away from casting the Hearthstone Grand Master finals at Blizzcon and avoid any...

Gods Unchained Stands By Banned Hearthstone Player Blitzchung; Offers Him His Lost Winnings

The gaming world is a place where players can forget about all real-world issues like politics. This was what Chung 'Blitzchung' Ng Wai himself thought when he...

Linh ‘Seiko’ Nguyen in Controversy for Playing Auto Chess During a Hearthstone Tournament

Esports is one of the more competitive aspects of video games, often making the news for their prize pools (not like news anchors can go beyond the...
The International 9

How the International 2019 Broke Records with the Prize Pool

The International 2019 Dota 2 tournament has really broken records this year with its prize pool. This event is an annual one that has been going on...

Player from Gambit Esports rage quits during TI9 qualifiers

The International is the most prestigious and competitive Dota 2 tournament in the world. The best teams from around the world strive on the endless fields of...
Team Sirius

Dota 2: Team Sirius Roster Revealed; Sylar, Freeze, Inflame And More

Four months prior to the commencement of The International 9, Team Sirius– a newly formed Dota 2 team from China, has revealed its initial roster. Having played...

OpenAI – Accomplishments, Matches & Journey So Far

Artificial Intelligence is a very big thing for the current technological industry. The rise of AI has opened up countless opportunities for us to make new strides...


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