CobX Masters

CobX Masters 2019– A Critical Point of View

Update (April 14, 6:38 am): We sincerely apologise for pulling off the article. We decided to do so as the objective of this article was to raise...
Zone Cafe Kolkata

Zone Cafe Review

A BRIEF HISTORY OF HOW AND WHAT When it comes to cyber cafes, we know that there is a divider which separates the ordinary from the exceptional. Video...
PlayStation Physical Media (Discs)

Next-Gen PlayStation Will Still Accept Physical Media; Won’t Be A Download-Only Machine

The next-gen PlayStation, i.e., the upcoming PlayStation will continue supporting physical media(most likely discs), confirmed lead system architect Mark Cerny. The architect confirmed this piece of information to...
Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Approved In China; Tencent To Distribute It

Update: Analysts say today's provisional approval doesn't mean Switch would be officially available immediately in China, and due to Chinese preference for PC and smartphone games, the...
FIFA 19 Nintendo Switch

EA Falsely Advertises FIFA 19; Updates Game’s Switch Page With Misleading Information

On 28 September 2018, EA shipped another instalment of its FIFA series, FIFA 19. The game was released on PC(via Origin), PS4, Xbox One and Switch. While the information about...

Google Stadia: What Does “Stadia” Mean And Why Did Google Choose It?

When Google revealed its video games streaming platform Stadia, many expressed their dissatisfaction for the name “Stadia” and as to what it means. People were even complaining about Stadia’s...
Red Dead Online

[Rumor] Red Dead Online’s First Major Update Might Arrive Tomorrow

Disclaimer: The details mentioned in the article are solely based on one person's accounts and Spiel Times has not doctored any of the information provided, neither are we...
Nintendo Switch Online

An Open Letter To Nintendo Regarding Its Incompetent Online Services

The following article is submitted by one of our readers. Spiel Times and its members are not responsible for the content in any way. It’s a guest...

Devil May Cry 5 – The Spiel Times Review

It’s easy to forget now how many times Capcom has been written off. It wasn’t so long ago: Street Fighter V launched to an underwhelming reception and...

[Update] A “BIG” Anthem Announcement Is Happening Today

Update 7:31 pm IST: BioWare is ready with a "BIG" announcement for Anthem, which will go live later today. The information comes via an email from UK-based digital...


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