WWE 2K23 roster

5 popular wrestlers missing from WWE 2K23 roster

With 2K Games just giving early access to the fans who pre-ordered WWE 2K23, it is now one of the biggest topics of discussion in the gaming...
Souls games ranked

All souls games ranked from Demon’s Souls to Elden Ring

FromSoftware, the developer of some of the best games ever created, has made the history books with the success of Elden Ring. After winning the Game of...

5 great video game adaptations to watch after The Last of Us

The first season of HBO’s The Last of Us has defied expectations to become a masterclass on how to make a video game adaptation for TV. Pedro...
5 RPG games to play while you wait for Starfield

5 RPG games to play while you wait for Starfield

Bethesda has finally announced the release date for Starfield, the newest open-world RPG from them. The game is set to release on September 6, 2023. The exploration...
6 Best movies to watch in Amazon Prime

Top 6 Amazon Prime movies you need to watch this week

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10 Best and worst Oscars outfit, 2023

What did the celebrities wear this year? 10 best and worst Oscars outfits in...

The 2023 Oscars witnessed some magnificent red-carpet moments as Hollywood's finest stars celebrated their shared passion for entertainment. On March 12, 2023, celebrities and nominees for the...

5 things you need to know before playing Resident Evil 4 Remake

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All confirmed Tekken 8 fighters

All Tekken 8 fighters confirmed so far – Paul Phoenix, Jun Kazama, and more

Bandai Namco hosted The Tekken World Tour Finals 2022 in Amsterdam and revealed a ton of news about the upcoming title, Tekken 8. The fans of the...
Tips for beginners in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

5 tips for beginners in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is the latest Soulslike title that provides an immersive experience inside a world of ancient Chinese mythology. It includes different elements of action,...
Mario and Rabbids together

Every Nintendo Switch game releasing in March 2023

If you are a Nintendo Switch owner, get ready to immerse yourself in a world of exciting new releases this March. With so many games hitting the...